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A list of features that will be in F1 2010 from Codemasters.

By Team SimRacingWorld
25 April 2009

* All the teams, drivers, and tracks from the FIA 2010 Formula One Season.
* Online racing.
* Full weather effects.
* Both an "arcade" and "sim" version; which will include realistic laptimes.
* Customizable driver aids.
* Track surface model that will simulate rubber build up, marbles, stones, water etc. This will have both physical and graphical effects.
* Running off the drying line in the wet will give you less grip and cool your tyres.
* There will be wind and sand effects.
* The game will not be moddable
* There will be crowd effects.

The following features were confirmed at an official F1 2010 launch event in London which SimRacingWorld attended: -


* The game is fully scalable between sim and arcade modes. You can pick and choose which elements you would like to be more or less realistic to give the gamer best satisfaction.

* The game is based on the EGO engine that powered DIRT 2 and Grid. The latest code shown was at pre-Alpha stage.

Contact with F1 Teams

* Contact with teams has been extensive and is done through the FIA. Codemasters are not allowed to approach teams that have not raced (e.g. US F1).

*All the teams have been visited and are very keen to help and input into the game. They have been particularly keen to help model the inside of the pit garages (most likely because it gives their sponsors exposure!)

Pit Stops

*You cannot steer the car in the pit lane (due to FOM regulations about running over pit crews apparently!) but it is up to you to hit the rev limiter and to brake into the box.

* If you overshoot the box you will knock down the jack man. If you stop too short the pit crew have to re-adjust their positioning (all motion captured) and it will cost you time.

* Force India assisted in motion capturing the pit stop.

* Pit radio will be included. Your race engineer will talk to you throughout the race and before you enter the pits.


* Sounds are recorded from real F1 cars and have been captured from several different teams.

* Sounds are accurately modelled and include downshifts etc.

Career Mode / “Live the Life”

* The career mode will feature 7 seasons. I don’t think the 2009 season cars etc will be included.

* You can’t change teams mid-season.

* The F1 2011 game will have some interesting features that will expand on the career mode and results achieved in F1 2010 (but they cannot say specifically what this is yet)

* As you build your results over time and seasons your team can improve (I.e. you may pick Lotus). If the team’s expectations of you are to win you can get in trouble.

* There is an individual profile for each driver and team in the game and this will evolve.

* The loading screen tells you how you are doing against your team mate and other drivers etc.


* Networking allows up to 13 cars.

* Online multiplayer for now will be the same and may be increased for F1 2011.

* The online mode will be similar to DIRT 2 but has been modified to better cater for racing leagues.

Damage Model

* What is shown in the videos is not representative of the damage modelling.

* The team are proud of this so should be good to see.

* The cars will not deform (like in DIRT or GRID) but will shatter like true carbon fibre.

* It will be possible to damage just apart of your wing or destroy the entire thing.

Car Setup / Garage / Weather

* Before each weekend you will be told what percentage chance of rain for each session exists. This can change and will be reflected on the data screen in the car’s garage.

* There will be full car setup options - at least to the level of Grand Prix 4.

* Your race engineer can advise you of changes and you can copy your teammate’s setup.

* There will be full telemetry.

* “Dirty air” I.e. following behind another car will affect the car’s handling.

Track Development

* The tracks have been developed using CAD data from the circuit owners and designers.

* Anthony Davidson (Brawn / Honda test driver) drives every track and advises where bumps are too soft, too hard or missing. Anthony plays the game 8 hours a day two days a week in the Codemasters offices, therefore the team are confident in the accuracy of the tracks and thus negates the need for laser scanning.

What isn’t included & why

* You cannot save game during a race, but it is possible to “flashback” to a previous stage. If playing in sim-mode flashbacks are disabled.

* There is no pre-season testing. It was felt development time better spent elsewhere.

* The game will not feature the same on-screen graphics you see on TV.

* Visor tear offs will not feature in F1 2010 due to development time, but will feature in F1 2011.

* A lot of discussion about the safety car and formation lap and why it was not included. It was felt when they were prioritising the features for the game the safety car would use a lot of development time for very little “gameplay benefit” and most users would simply skip the sequence, therefore it was decided to focus resource on other areas. Both of these should feature in F1 2011.

Testing the Xbox 360 Rig

* The arcade mode seems similar to the Wii version.

* Force feedback was in use. Didn’t feel bad but needs work (but this was a pre-alpha!). Worked quite nicely over kerbs.

* Unfortunately given the game was in arcade mode it is too early to tell how good the physics are, but I must say the gameplay videos we saw looked more promising than the arcade mode we were allowed to play. The Codemasters team state that they have worked very hard to cater for arcade and sim fans alike and judging by some of the features confirmed in this section I think there is a lot to back this up.

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