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A preview of the up-coming game by the West Brothers.

By Paul
7 July 2001

World Sports Cars is the next game to be released by Chris & Tony West, and as far as we can see this game won't disappoint one bit.

The sim-racing community are looking to this game eargerly with baited breath, perhaps not because it's sports car racing, but the innovations it will bring.

Chris & Tony West have not been too quick to hide that this game will feature the most authentic physics engine ever seen in a racing simulation.

For example, every tyre features 30 different 'sections', i.e if you lock your wheel on section 1, that section will wear out, but the others will remain un-affected. The bodywork is panel based, unlike convential racing-sims this game isn't restricted to wing, wheels etc. many small parts of a car's bodywork can be broken off and this will all been seen by un-restricted camera movement.

Not content with driving along, why not open the doors and open the bonnet to see what's inside, and oh, did we mention you'll be able to see how much induvidial engine parts are worn? Don't forget that on top of the excellent physics model the game boasts a strong graphics engine reflected on our screenshots page.

The game currently features 12 cars, but other details such as tracks are currently un-known. But, with all respect, people arn't really going to care about where or what they are racing in, it's the physics and reality which is what people are after.

This game is looking excellent, and it appears to answer sim-racers dreams, but we'll have to wait until Q2 / Q3 of 2001 to find out....

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