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The game will be made available as a stand alone game including RACE 07 and as an expansion pack for RACE 07 owners.

By Team SimRacingWorld
20 May 2008

“To recreate the tracks where I have raced in my previous career as a race driver is a dream come true especially since I still find them very entertaining after several seasons of international racing”, said Henrik Roos, CEO SimBin Studios. “To be able to do it in a close cooperation with STCC and their well established concept makes it even better”, added Roos.

During this spring SimBin has been on tour visiting all tracks and test sessions gathering reference material. The game is currently in full production with additional reference capturing at Knutstorp Ring this weekend at the STCC premiere.

“STCC is going to be an all-year-around experience where we finally will be able to drive on our STCC tracks with the teams participating. The cooperation with SimBin that we regard as one of the best racing game developers in the world ensures that the virtual counter part will be very close to driving in STCC for real”, said Bob Huzell, CEO at STCC AB.

The SimBin game park will be on site at Knutstorp Ring this weekend for a “shake down” for this year’s event season. The ambition is to have an early playable version of Knutstorp Ring on location for drivers and spectators to test.

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