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Paul reviews Guillemot's Force Feedback wheel.

By Paul
30 August 2000

The Thrustmaster (formerly Guillemot) Ferrari Force Feedback wheel has been available for a while, but nevertheless has enjoyed big successes in the steering wheel market, battling it out with the likes of Microsoft and Logitech at the top. The wheel has gained praise from all corners of the world from both the customers and the press.

In this review we shall see whether our interpretation is the same, what the wheel is like for the price, and of course how it plays! We've split the review in easy-to-read sections and hope you will find it easy to follow and understand.

Presentation & Packaging

Just like the Non-Force-Feedback younger brother of this wheel, the Thrustmaster Ferrari Licensed Racing Wheel, this wheel comes packaged just as well, all wrapped up and nicely placed - no problems here.

Inside the box you get the wheel & pedal units, manual and an installation/demo CD.


These are the specifications as quoted on the box:

  • Acceleration and brake levers for an alternative, fully hand controlled, driving experience
  • Heavy-duty, spring reinforced, double axis pedals
  • 8 way-POV
  • 4-in-1 button
  • Unique wheel offering the F1 gearshift levers adopted by Ferrari
  • Double injection wheel rim and ergonomic curves offering maximum comfort to all hand sizes
  • 4 quick action buttons
  • Long central clapm with 2 adjustable screws for perfect stability
  • Thumb rests
  • Gearshift lever ideal for Rally of Grand Tourism racing
  • New sporty design
  • Rubber Contact steering mechanism for smooth steering
  • Reproduces up to 27 adjustable realistic effects
  • 16 programmable functions for custom game scenarios
  • User-friendly software for button programming

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