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Additional information about the modification from the developers.

By Team SimRacingWorld
23 December 2006


Shutt1e (car, cockpit and track modelling); Motorfx (cockpit textures, track modelling, editing and textures); Tony X (car and helmet textures); Alesifan (tyre 3d model and textures); Vassalfada (sounds); Lord_Kamder (artwork); Simioni (physics and general editing).


Antonio "_Chacal__" and Alfredo "amrharry" for original creation and conversion of the excellent Jarama track; Chris Squir, for providing the base for Watkins Glen conversion; ferrari27, for the original conversion of Dijon to rfactor; Vortex17, for several additional car and track textures; Crusse, for Monaco textures; Don from www.liveforspeed.net, for Monaco sky; Cubits, for providing a couple of useful solutions in his work for the Caterham mod; Hiroto, for his reflection cubemap.dds file made available at RSC; Thorsten Reuter for work on Kyalami and Monaco cameras; Pete Walsh from RfactorCentral for doing what he does so well; Race Sim Central for providing the forum that helped the development of this mod; ISI for the creation of RFACTOR.

We´d like to to thank the continuous support from the entire AutoSimSport crew, Team Redline, Eddie Matapayos and the whole GPLBR league. We also take the opportunity to thank the contribution of our beta testing team: besides the aforementioned, Jack Ulstad, Michael Hausknecht, Steve Smith, Alison Hine, Aristotelis Vasilakos and Giuseppe Martini.


To our wives/girlfriends, family and friends for enduring with patience our months of long nights in front of the PC. To the late Clay Regazzoni, a pure racer symbol of an era we all so dearly love. Godspeed Regga!


Before installation it is strongly recommended to remove any previously installed versions of the mod.

!!!IMPORTANT!!! DO NOT UNINSTALL the demo from the add/remove icon on the control panel folder. Due to a bug with the installer creating program, doing that will remove the ENTIRE Rfactor installation. To uninstall safely use the proper uninstall79.exe in rfactor´s main folder. To install v1.0 just point both GP79_v10.exe and GP79_tp_v10.exe installers to your Rfactor folder.


V1.0 comes with two versions, Grand Prix 1979 HISTORICAL and Grand Prix 1979 UNRESTRICTED.
Grand Prix 1979 HISTORICAL is the 1979 is the season as it actually happened, with the various models and paintjobs appearing where they actually were (save for the few still missing in this build, and for driver changes which are not yet possible to simulate in Rfactor). This version does not allow the user to bypass historical accuracy; it´s not possible for instance to drive the FW07 at Kyalami, since in the actual season the car only debuted in Round 4 at Jarama. By attempting to do so, the user will find himself sitting in a Fw06. This version is optimized for offline play, and is the one that fully complements the spirit of the mod. Grand Prix 1979 UNRESTRICTED provides more freedom to the user. Whilst it offers the same content as HISTORICAL, it allows the user to drive anything, anywhere. This version might be more suitable for online racing, but it doesn´t work as well offline since the AI cars will always be the default model of each team.

In both versions the user can pick whatever car he wishes in tracks outside the ones from he mod. In such cases the AI will always drive the default model of each team. The user will have all cars in the vehicle menu, the different models and updates from each team (for those that have more than one) being available from the UPGRADE menu, under MODELS. Once he makes his selection, the user has to MANUALLY select the apropriate paintjob from the SKIN menu. Failure to do so will result in loading a screwed up paintjob if the skin doesnt fit the model. It's particularly important to make sure this is done properly when picking a car for online race, as a mistake will spoil the look of the car not only for the user but also for the others taking part on the race. Also available from the UPGRADE menu for all cars are different options for steering assist and shifting styles (adopted from RSDG Megane and the Caterham mods respectively). Steering assist provides different levels of force feedback strength, default being the lighest (or least heavy :). The shifting style upgrade provides an alternative from the default style which mimics the real transmission timings, allowing the user of gated or H-shifters to have a more responsive operation of the gearbox. The tracks will be all within a folder called GPC79Tracks in the TRACK menu.


- While the max number of opponents is 27, the actual grids in real life usually had only 25 slots. Since Rfactor does not allow a limit that eliminates slower qualifiers, the user can manually kick the bottom two from the grid if he so wishes.

- It's recommended to set Relative Fuel Strategy="1" in the .plr file, otherwise pitstop for tires will result in fuel being taken out of the tank (refuelling during pitstops is not possible).

- The use of any aids incur a slight weight penalty to the player, so it's recommended to use as little of them as manageable.

- Auto Lift="1" and Auto Blip="1" in the .plr are considered as aids and do incur a weight penalty as well.

- The mod tries to simulate the bounciness of a single seater, so things can get very shaky in cockpit view. For those who wish to turn down such effect, there is a CockpitVibrationMag=0.006 parameter in the cockpitinfo.ini file inside each team's folder. Turning the value down will reduce the shaking or eliminate it altogether. Editing this file does not cause online mismatches.

- A lot of effort was put into making the AI as competitive and trouble-free as possible. At 100% strength the AI is ace level and it takes great driving and a good car to beat them, so there is no shame in turning it down to a lower value at first. The agression setting is recommended to be around 85% to avoid argy-bargy tactics by the AI drivers.

- The use of a formation lap is recommended to properly warm up tires and brakes and avoid first corner melees.

- Damage, engine and brake wear/heating has been carefully modelled, so treat the machinery with the respect it demands.

- After installation there will be a .zip file in Rfactor's root folder with a collection of setups developed by Greger Huttu.

- Some users might have problems with sparkly roads. There is .rar file inside locations\gpc79tracks that should be extracted to the same location in case such problem occur.

- Last but not least, take good care of adjusting the controller's rates and sensitivity in-game as well as the force feeback values in the controller.ini. There isn't a general rule as to what these adsjutments should be for the various wheels out there, but the mod (and Rfactor in general) will not be itself until this is fully sorted.


Most notorious is a bug with the Brabham BT49 sounds which we haven´t been able to fix.
There are still inevitably a number of small flaws and innacuracies, but hopefully none that will hamper the enjoyment of the mod. This project is under continuous development.


GPC developed this mod for free distribution, but within limits and conditions that have been or might be defined by us. Any problems or issues derived from its installation is responsibility solely of the user.


Enhancements to this mod are welcome, but permission from GPC before releasing anything that modifies its structure is required. Same for the reutilization in any way, for any purpose of the material that has been developed by GPC within this package.

Grand Prix 1979 is part of the Grand Prix 1979 Series.

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