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A step by step guide to AI Learning, courtesy of rob from the RSCNet Forums.

By Team SimRacingWorld
5 December 2006

OK seems like there is some confusion with AI learning mode, this is how I do it.

A) Make sure you do NOT have rFactor running in the background when doing the following or else the modified file will revert back to the non modified state.

- 1) Go into your player file at C:\Program Files\rFactor\UserData\\.plr.

- 2) Go to the line Autocalibrate AI Mode=0 and modify to read Autocalibrate AI Mode=1.

- 3) Now click exit and SAVE the player file.

B) Start rfactor and choose Any mod, then SETTINGS and change the following SETTINGS: - In the RULES section:

- 1) Flagrules,Fuel useage and Tire Wear to either NONE or OFF.
- 2) Private Testing ON

Now on the right side of the rules screen change to the following settings:

a) AIDrivers=1
b) RACE GRID Position=1
c) RACE START TIME=8:00 am
e) Mech. Failures=off

C) Choose the car you want under VEHICLE to teach AI to run this car type properly on any track.

Then, go to TESTING and choose the track to learn and LOAD CIRCUIT (bottom right), but DO NOT click on RACE.

a) Make sure u are in the MONITOR mode screen, and click on ADD AI.

b) AI will now start its training and tells you to STAY OUT OF MY WAY HUMAN, do not go on the track to drive your own car, just watch the AI.

c) Press the VIEWING button to view the AI on the track.

d) Now press the R button on the keyboard to be shure the driving window will show 'LIVE' in the upper edge of the viewing screen.

e) HighLight the AI on the track, by LEFT clicking on the AI's name in the MONITOR field, you will now see his best times change, as he progresses. After watching him for at least two laps LIVE, press (Ctrl) (T), this will speedup the time it takes to run a lap, but will NOT effect the accuracy of the Learning Mode. It will just make the AI finish his learning mode faster than normal.
Now we assume that the AI has finished his learning mode and told you he has xxx.xx meters left over, if at this point the meters left over does not show 0.0x, do the following:

- 1) Make sure the AI's name is highlighted in orange colour, then click on BOOT. (You are deleting this AI from the Learning mode).

- 2) Click on ADD AI. You will now see a new AI name (if you have more then one AI) and he will now continue the learning mode where the last AI left off. This second AI will get the amount of meters leftover to 0.0X, and when he finishes the INI file created will be updated/overwritten.

Speaking of the INI file, the following is the manipulation needed for all the cars to use it not just the team that did the AI LEARNING:

Look in C:\Program Files\rFactor\GameData\Vehicles\\ now in the TEAM that did the learning there will be a .INI file, THIS is the file that neeeds to be moved so that all cars in the chosen mod can use the updated learning file. What you do is CUT the file and paste it in the CAR directory of the effected car. So SAVE it to C:\Program Files\rFactor\GameData\Vehicles\. The dir that has the .HDV and .TBC and other car related files in it.


Go into your C:\Program Files\rFactor\UserData\\.plr file and reset the line 'Autocalibrate AI Mode=1 and modify to read Autocalibrate AI Mode=0 again.

!!!!!Also go back into SETTINGS and reset all RULES as you previously had them!!!!!

This might help to keep the game from getting confused when you go to drive the cars.



What is meant by meters left over after the AI finished the learning mode?

Well the IDEAL line on any given track has an IDEAL total length, over the whole trajectory of the track. So what is meant by 'Meters left over' is by how many meters the trajectory of the testing car is LONGER then the IDEAL LINE trajectory length. In other words the car traveled xxx amount of meters FURTHER then the IDEAL LINE (trajectory). That is why we want the meters LEFTOVER to be as close to 0.00 as possible.

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