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A list of current features for KartSim.

By Team SimRacingWorld
19 November 2006

Currently confirmed features are listed below.

-Kart dynamics calculated in real time allowing setups to be adjusted and other effects like mechanical jacking and chassis flex to be simulated

-11 different classes to drive catering from midgets to Formula 100 and 125 shifter karts

-Advanced 2 stroke engine simulation allowing carburettor and exhaust length tuning

-GPS modelled tracks for unparalleled realism

-Advanced wet weather physics and graphics

-Day to night cycles

-Advanced DirectX 9 graphics engine with full support for HDR

-Physics controlled drivers that will fall out in the event of a rollover or crash

-Dynamic rubber build-up calculated in real time from the player's driving lines affecting both wet and dry physics

-Sophisticated tyre model with real tyre curves allowing trail-braking into corners

- Online racing with custom liveries and skins

- Advanced AI based off Australia's top karters

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