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Racing game portfolio expansion part of growth strategy

By Team SimRacingWorld
15 November 2006

Darmstadt, November 2006 - 10TACLE STUDIOS AG and Ferrari have concluded a licensing agreement for the development of video games. This will allow 10TACLE STUDIOS AG to produce games using the Ferrari product palette and brand name. 10TACLE STUDIOS AG plans to work together with the legendary Italian sports car manufacturer closely to development a number of computer and video games.

“The expansion of our racing portfolio is an important part of our strategy for growth. Ferrari is synonymous with automotive excellence in both sports and racing cars. A license to use the Ferrari brand name and cars is the best a computer games developer in this field can acquire. We will do our very best to recreate the passionate experience of driving a Ferrari as realistically as possible”, explained 10TACLE STUDIOS AG chairman Michele Pes.

„10TACLE STUDIOS have proven repeatedly that they are capable of developing racing games on a level appropriate to Ferrari's leading position in the field. We look forward to working together“, said Head of Licensing at Ferrari Katia Bassi.

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