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Paul takes a look at Guillemot's Ferrari Wheel - the budget version of their highly sucessful Force Feedback wheel.

By Paul
30 August 2000

Picture of wheel


Firstly I would like to give many thanks to Ben Digweed for sending me this wheel and the Guillemot Ferrari Force Feedback wheel for review, and of course the competition.

Ever since Guillemot released the official Ferrari licensed force feedback wheel it has been a huge success, but has perhaps been hampered by its high cost, which may have scared off people on a budget, or non-hardcore sim-racers.

This wheel is a budget version of the larger, more expensive force feedback wheel. In this review we will look at the differences between the wheels, how good the wheel actually is, cost relative to other wheels and many other things. We have split the review in to different sections which should hopefully give you a good idea of what the wheel is like.


The wheel arrives in a nice box decorated with a picture of a Ferrari car and the wheel. On the back of the box there are specifications, diagrams, system requirements and more.

Inside the box is an installation CD, quick install Guide, quick troubleshooting guide, and of course - the wheel! These are all well packaged and wrapped to prevent damage.


These are the specifications as quoted on the box:

  • Unique wheel offering the F1 gearshift levers adopted by Ferrari
  • Acceleration and brake levers for an alternative , fully hand controlled, driving experience
  • 8 way-POV
  • 12 quick action buttons
  • Analogue pedals for progressive acceleration and braking
  • Central clamping system is backed up by 4 suction cups
  • Thumb rests and ergonomic curves offering maximum comfort

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