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Simbin have announced their latest title, based around the World Touring Cars Championship (WTCC).

By Team SimRacingWorld
17 August 2006

Swedish game developer SimBin Development team with partner Eurosport, proudly present the upcoming game title RACE and the official site for this WTCC racing game.

With this announcement of RACE - The WTCC Game, and the official game site, from now to be found at www.race-game.org, SimBin once again strengthens its position in the absolute top of the motor sport gaming industry.

Based on WTCC, one of only three official FIA* world championships alongside Formula 1 and WRC, the exclusive RACE franchise will brake through as a newcomer that without any hesitation is aiming straight for the top of the racing game genre.

RACE will feature the complete WTCC championship season of 2006; all the cars, drivers and locations and among these there are several official tracks and cars brand new to the racing game genre.

- As RACE looks and feel we are both proud and also sure of the fact that this game will be a complete success which will strengthen WTCC as a brand and secure a broader base of fans for the cars and stars of our championship, Jaques Behar, KSO Chairman and Eurosport Managing Director comments.

- The nature of WTCC, which is based on race tuned cars seen on the streets every day, and the tight sprint racing in a two-race format**, guarantees the player more intensity and bumper to bumper action than found in any other racing game on the market, says Henrik Roos, CEO, SimBin.

A very close collaboration with the organisation, car manufacturers, teams and drivers involved in the WTCC have provided SimBin with all the invaluable assets to make this production feasible. This covers all the data needed to be able to recreate the championship down to the smallest details on the cars, tracks and teams.

- All in all RACE has been a new challenge for SimBin to recreate due to its major differences in style from previous games in SimBinīs portfolio. Tomas Karlsson, COO, SimBin.

In cooperation with Eurosport, RACE will be assured a place in the store's front shelves as well as on TV through heavy, global marketing from Eurosport and SimBin.

Stay tuned as more info and the release date of RACE will be announced on Games Convention*** in Leipzig on the 23rd of August.

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