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By Edward van Rijn
14 November 1999

Let me start by telling you that this is my first review of a steering wheel, actually my first review of anything, so it's possible that it's incomplete. But still I'll try and do my best to make this review worth reading.


  • GT Steering Wheel (10" diameter, Suede Grip, D-shaped wheel)
  • T-shaped, easy reach paddle shifters
  • 2 wheel mounted, positionable push buttons
  • Teardrop Shift Knob
  • Capable of Single or Dual Joystick mode with the flick of a switch (separate or combined pedal axis function)
  • 2 pedals with authentic MOMO brushed aluminium pedal pads
  • DK (medium grade) Potentiometers


Everybody should know the famous TSW wheels. Expensive, long lasting, and totally incredible. There are some reviews of the TSW Formula 99 at this moment, so why write another one I thought. So that's why I decided to write about my own wheel: the GT99. It's the one class right below the "ultimate" controller, Formula 99.

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