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A list of in-game features for Micro Machines v4.

By Team SimRacingWorld
27 July 2006

* Engage in madcap competition racing with your micro motors on the wildest tracks around your house, garden and beyond…

* Spin out round the kitchen, turbo boost around the pool table or hit the gas as you drive round the rim of the bath. Micro Machines takes you onto the world's 50 fastest improvised racetracks!

* Multiplayer and single player game modes with practice, battle and tournament challenges.

* Earn credits to unlock tracks and cars then trade online.

* 25 vehicle types with 750 cars to collect or trade. Or, up the stakes when you play for keeps with ‘Pink slip racing'

* Use your arsenal of 25 weapons and power ups to blast your opponents with the plasma gun or send homing missiles to throw them off course.

* Track editor that allows you to choose your own route through selected environments then challenge your friends to do battle.

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