Which is the best looking F1 2014 car?
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Red Bull
Force India
Torro Rosso


Now your site is live on the net you need to get traffic to it. A site will get no where if you do not use any of the promotional techniques below.

Search Engines
A good way of drawing in visitors to your site. Make sure you are properly listed in all the major search engines.

Reciprocal Links
This is one of the best ways of getting traffic to your site. Visit a related site, email the owner and ask if they want to swap links with you. Most site owners are willing to.

Banner Exchanges
In my opinion banner exchanges are another excellent way of raising site traffic. For a racing sim banner exchange I suggest you try Racing Links Network.

Links from large gaming sites
It is very unusual to get linked from a large game news site unless you get a lot of traffic and have a domain name. This is a method of promotion only a very small percentage of sites should consider.

Webrings are a very simple and effective idea. Basically each site on the ring adds a link to the next site in the ring and the previous one. There are plenty of webrings around - do not try and start your own at this stage. For more info on webrings I suggest you visit WebRing.org.

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