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Thinking of starting a web site for racing sims? Then have a read of my tips for starting out.

By John
20 May 1999

Starting Out

Before even starting designing a site here are some tips on what I suggest you do first.

Decide on the game
It is best to stick to one game only (the possibly expand later). Do not try to start a site for a game you do not own or hardly play otherwise you will not be able to deal with queries or add many updates to the site.

Check out what is already on the net
Do several searches in the major search engines and try to find some sites relevant to the game you are thinking about making a site for. Chances are there will be a few.

Do not announce your site yet
Do not tell people about the site you are going to create. It is best to get a site designed and running under no pressure from any one.

A gaming website must have good, and regularly updated, content. This may be downloads, graphics, tips, info, cheats and loads of other things. Do not take content directly from other sites.

There is no rush to get the site online. It is best to think things through before staring the design.

Site Name & Description
For a site you must have a site name and a description.

For a site name I suggest you include your name and the game's name - this gives people a good indication of what the site is about just by looking at the name.

e.g. Fred's F1RS Page or Fred's F1RS Site

It is best to keep this name nice and short (about 3-5 words long)

Also a short description is needed when asking for a link on other sites and when getting listed in a search engine. I suggest keep it to about 5-7 words in length.

e.g. All your F1RS needs or The Ultimate net guide for F1RS

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