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Official F1 racing is the new F1 game to be released by Eidos, which much is expected of.

By Paul
24 January 1999

When I first downloaded the demo, I played it and my very first thought was, no mouse to navigate around the menus, and this looks very arcade like. When I actually got into a race I thought F1'97 - this is very similar.

But when I started racing, I thought no, this is different (thankfully!). Initial Impressions are that this game has potential.


Put it this way, this is not one of the best games around for realism, but it is not far off. The cars are accurately modelled on the 1998 season, which is a shame as it should have been the 1999 season, as with gp2 it is proved that it can only take a week or so to update the cars.

The tracks are quite realistic, judging from the Suzuka circuit, and this is a good sign for the game when it is released. Pit crew messages are the norm, and add a nice touch to the game. The messages do vary and are informative, not like the terrible ones in F1'97.

Crash Effects

One of the questions that many people ask is - "What are the crashes like?" The way that I judge whether a game's crashes are good is 'Could Belgium 98 happen?' In this case, sadly, no.

The actual crash effects in this game are good, but actually being able to crash is not easy. You can ram into the back of a car and come out unscathed, in real life this would not happen. Although, when you do crash the effects are good. There are many types of crashes where your wheels get slightly damaged, to where they come off.

The same can be said about the wings, they can be slightly broken and completely broken, also when you go into the pits with a slightly broken rear wing, it moves around as you drive - a small, but thoughtful effect.


The Pit stops in this game are animated which is good, but when the wheels come off, they just disappear! Then the new wheels are added! The men move around and lift up your car, just as you would expect in real life. Before this you choose what you want done to the car in a new menu, and that is done. Then you exit the pits in cockpit mode and continue with the race.

In wet weather, you feel like you are in wet weather! When you start the race you start slowly like in wet weather and have to be careful around the corners - otherwise you will spin and break a wing (hopefully)! In wet weather mode the fog effects change as you go around the track, with it thicker in some places than others. It can also start to dry, or rain even more! Overall, the wet weather mode in this game is excellent!.

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