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In this press release, developers Black Bean detail some of the progress they've been making on Evolution GT.

By Team SimRacingWorld
2 February 2006

Evolution GT, Black Bean's highly anticipated racing simulation video game, is set to hit the streets this spring. The game features an expansive single player career mode and breaks new ground in racing simulation with unique features.

With some of the best AI seen in a racing game players can expect intense rivalries to develop between teams and individual AI controlled drivers. The opponents you face want to win just as much as you do! Feel the pressure as they try to force you into making mistakes and use the teachings of Gabriele Tarquini (BTCC and ETCC Champion) to gain the edge! Coupled with a superb physics model where every car drives like its real world counterpart and a revolutionary skills systems which allows players to create and modify the driver depending on their style of drive, Evolution GT is a total immersion racing experience that literally lets you BE THE DRIVER!

Set on tracks across Europe, Evolution GT puts gamers in the control of fully licenced vehicles from some of the best known manufacturers from across the globe including Audi, VW, Renault, Opel, Chevrolet and TVR.

Evolution GT's features include:

# 35 fully licenced and destructible cars
# 28 tracks including the famous Donington Park, Hockenhiem and also tracks in cities like London
# Career mode with driver development system
# Challenge mode to push players skills to the limit!
# Win and use extra gear to increase your skills for the next race
# Unique features like cunning overtaking and the tiger effect where players have the ability to avoid accidents before they happen!
# Split screen action

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