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Milestone and Black Bean announce their new title, Evolution GT.

By Team SimRacingWorld
24 December 2005

Combining an optimised driving engine with an innovative concept, Black Bean and the Italian software house, Milestone, are ready to deliver an electrifying racing title for fans of the genre.

Enter the "Evolution", where the main keywords are realism and driver improvement.

Evolution GT will be released across Europe at the end of March 2006 and will set a new standard in the racing simulation genre.

Evolution GT is the result of years of experience and know-how, accumulated while developing game such as the Screamer series, the Superbike series and SCAR. It further develops the features introduced in SCAR, with a greater emphasis on driving tactics and psychology, focusing on the driver's skills, tactics and mental strength as well as the speed, acceleration and grip of the cars.

Evolution GT is a racing game that gives the player the opportunity to experience the life of a real racing driver, and the evolution of his alter ego throughout the course of his career.

By choosing appropriate race tactics and driving styles, and placing well in the races, the player will grow in his ability to compete at an ever-higher level, gaining access to new racing cars as well as roadsters, coupès and eventually dream cars such as the BUGATTI EB110 and the PAGANI ZONDA.

Races take place across Europe; from the beautiful landscapes of the Scottish Highlands and the Cote d'Azur to the monumental wonders of London and Barcelona, without missing out on famous racing venues such as Laguna Seca or Hockenheim.

Realism is guaranteed by an extremely accurate physics model, and the most advanced AI ever seen in a racing simulation game.
Driver experience and improvement means that the player will feel the tension and emotions that only a real race can offer; fighting for a podium finish and accumulating race experience.

This new title has created great expectations. Antonio Farina, President of Milestone, declares: "We are excited about the possibility of further expanding our racing expertise in new and creative directions. Evolution GT will be our next milestone in redefining the cross-platform racing experience".

Virgilio Bixio, Black Bean Games' Managing Director, says: "Evolution GT gives players the unique experience of a game based on the essence of race driving. The ability and psychology of the driver are at the centre of the evolution, making this title unique in its genre. We are sure that this game will be received enthusiastically by hard core racing fans and newcomers alike."

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