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While playing F1GP some drivers have come across, whilst driving, things which can only be described as Spooky. The drivers only see the "objects" for a few seconds, as they speed past. Are they in the mind, or is there really something out there? Unfortunately we have no screenshots to backup the driver's claims.

By Unknown

The Red Flag Marshal of Montreal

I was practising starts last night for Canada. At end of the first lap coming through the last chicane I touched another car, spinning and starting a chain reaction of spins. I never saw so many parts of cars flying. My car spun down the front straight, while going backwards I noticed a flag marshal on the edge of the stands waving a Red Flag as if the race was to be stopped! I was able to go a few more corners just to see if there were to be any more red flags but there were none.

A Reminder of Senna

I was racing at Imola. There'd been the usual start-line pile up which had brought out the yellow flags, but after the mess had been cleared up, a single "ghost marshal", waving a red flag, was left on the right as I sped round Tamburello, maybe 100 yards before the point where Senna went off. He stayed there all race. It was kind of spooky and just a tad upsetting.

The Grey Flag Marshal

Yesterday in Montreal, there was a marshal waving frantically his grey flag just at the breaking point of the hairpin after the home straight.

The Ghost Car/Wall At Montreal

There had been a lot of early crashes and the AI cars were pretty much spread around the whole circuit. I was coming up to lap a few as we blasted up the straight toward the pit entrance. Up ahead, a couple of damaged cars were heading for the pits. Somehow, they tangled while entering the pits, just as my pack of cars entered the braking area for the chicane. Through the pit wall you could see the pitting cars spinning (sort of flashing on and off), and then, just as I hit the first apex, one came right out through the pit wall and stopped on the line at the second apex. I swear I drove right through it since there was no time to avoid it. When I came around the next time, there were no yellow flags, but the car was still there! I briefly thought about trying to drive through it again, but figured that might end my race right there. For three laps, I drove out and around it (considerably hurting my lap times). Then a couple of other AI cars collected it, and the marshals finally removed it when they removed them.

Grass On Track

Another strange game feature is what happens at the end of the Adelaide pit lane, as you exit. The road in front seems to turn into grass, but you can drive back onto the track with no harm done. It's quite disconcerting.

Marshal In The Pit Lane!

I was at Imola qualifying. Coming to the last chicane, I didn't notice my 'pit in' light was on. I smashed into the wall. Helpless, I rolled to the pit entrance. I was then hit by an A.I car, which sent me a speed down the pit. I turned into my pit at high speed. I was then sent to the view of an A.I car. I managed to view my car, and saw a marshal holding on to the back of my car. I couldn't get back into my car for the rest of the session.

Marshals In The Pit Wall

Many of the pit lanes have very tight entrances. It's very easy to go in too hot, graze the wall, and spin. If you just sit there, the marshals bring out the yellow flags, and frequently you see marshals who appear to be stuck in the pit wall!

Marshals In Walls

On a course like Imola or Monaco, when a wreck occurs that pushes a car into the pits, you can see the flagmen rapidly waving the yellow and green flags except all you can see are the arm and flag because the flagmen are behind the wall. It is pretty amusing.

Underground Racing

At Magny Cours at the Adelaide-corner I got off the road and went underneath the circuit! A replay from behind showed the AI cars on top of mine.

In the Air

I was arriving at the Adelaide hairpin at Magny Cours. While I was 'down-shifting' I pressed the 'ALT-button' once too much, and I was in the spin gear. I didn't noticed it, so when I gave full throttle, I went to the right, just passing the wall on the inside of the curve, and I was in the air. I went straight on into the people. I reversed, and I could go back, in opposite direction, with the other cars passing underneath me. I only worked until the circuit under me started to raise (grand courbe), and then I was on the regular height again. It is rather easy to try it. I did it several times since then, for fun.

Warped Dimension

While qualifying at Silverstone, I came out of turn one really loose. To try and determine what happened to get so loose, I hit pause and replay..."lights dim and spooky music"...ever wonder what about parallel universes. You know, the theory that all possibilities for any situation get played out in alternate dimensions...well, in this case when I watched the replay it was totally different that what 'really' happened! Instead of flying across the S/F line and loosing it into turn one, the replay had me loosing it before the S/F line, hitting the wall and crashing to a stop before I could even see turn one!

The Colour Changing Car

I was heading down the Silverstone pit, and sort of smashed into a parking car. I reversed, and before my eyes, the car changed into my team mates car colours!

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