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A list of frequently asked questions and answers for Cross Racing Championship.

By Team SimRacingWorld
31 March 2005

Q- What CRC stands for?
A: CRC is for "Cross Racing Championship".

Q- What is CRC about?
A- CRC is a Motorsport game, where the player begins his/her career as an amateur Autocross racer and races through 65 various racing events for ultimately becoming the "Cross Racing Champion". These 65 races will include: Autocross, Rallycross, Off-Road, Rally-Sprint, Rally, Road Racing and finally the championship ends in tough Circuit Racing. The prize is not just fame and fortune, but a Classic T8 super-car!

Q- When can I download the Demo of CRC?
A- Invictus is working on a new Demo, that'll be ready to download from this site soon.

Q- When and where can I buy CRC?
A- CRC will be in the Europian retail stores from 15 April 2005

Q- How many game-modes and racing types does CRC include?
A- You can play in Non-Linear Carrier, Quick Race, Time Trial, Hot Seat, Free Ride and Multiplayer. In these modes, there are 3 game-modes such as: Cross Racing, Knock-out and Hit&Swap mode.

Q- How many cars will CRC include?
A:- In default there are 8 cars in CRC, and there will be plenty to download from this site, made by Invictus and fans.

Q- How can I create mods to CRC and what can be modded?
A- You can alter car, easily make new skins and game-modes.

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