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A list of features and specifications for Cross Racing Championship

By Team SimRacingWorld
31 March 2005

Utilizing the next generation of the Invictus Engine which incorporates its new real-time physics module, Cross Racing Championship (CRC) will allow the player to experience the thrills of high-speed on and off road racing across vast open terrains.

• The player can contest over 60 races across six distinct environments, ranging from icy mountainous regions and lush countryside to parched desert areas and beaches. CRC will appeal to Rally fans and road-racing fans with its crossover approach to vehicles and race circuits.

• CRC features multiplayer action and extensive set-up options which are an integral part of the game, along with realistic real-time damage and stunning graphical effects including High Dynamic Range imaging, bump mapping, dynamic environmental reflections and motion blur and dynamic and automatic image contrast balancing.

• The vehicles are fully user-customisable, both in their appearance and performance, using an intuitive and powerful interface. The game also features TV replay options and realistic sound effects.

• Technical Specifications


• AI drivers have the ability to learn the various tracks to offer the player a realistic and continually challenging racing experience.
• AI drivers can react emotionally and can become angry or they can be affraid of the player and can be as unpredictable as human players.

3D Engine:

• Real time environment mapping
• High Dynamic Range imaging
• Bump mapping
• Specular highlights
• Flare and Glow effects
• Animated textures
• Pixel shader water reflection effects for lakes, rivers, ponds and Waterfalls
• Motion Blur
• Noise Effects
• Automatic Contrast Balancing


• Incredibly accurate handling system
• Realtime damage system
• 100% simulation, no cheat forces.
• Dynamic modelling of tyres, surfaces and aero-dynamics


• Multiple gameplay modes including various single player and multiplayer dedicated game modes.
• Non linear career mode
• Special “hot seat” and other multiplayer modes
• Fully player customisable cars including Race Number, decals, paint job and performance tuning.


• Highly detailed interiors, particle effects, detailed car components including articulated suspension systems and glowing disc brakes
• Detailed and living environments

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