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Virtual RC Racing FAQs

By Team SimRacingWorld
26 January 2005

What is Virtual RC Racing (VRC)?
VRC is a state-of-the-art r/c racing sim combined with on-line competitions, championships and rankings. VRC provides the same set-up technology as is used in ‘real' r/c racing with different chassis, bodies, engines and pipes to choose from to optimize performance. A choice of world renown tracks is available to race or practice on. Practice off-line or enter the daily competitions on any of the tracks that you own. Or register for any of the on-line competitions to compete with racers from around the globe to get high up on the ranking tables.

How does Virtual RC Racing work?
VRC uses our own state-of-the-art ‘3D graphics engine' to display the car, the tracks and all the visual and sound effects nearly to photo realistic quality. Our advanced ‘physics engine' simulates the behavior of the car. The ‘VRC on-line database' organizes all the competitions and stores competition data. These 3 elements work seamless together to give you the best and most exciting r/c experience next to the real r/c experience, but at a minimum cost and effort.

What makes Virtual RC Racing so realistic?
A sophisticated chassis dynamics the VRC physics engine makes the car behave exactly like a real r/c car. For this to happen the VRC engineers have worked with industry leading r/c manufacturers to turn a modern r/c chassis with its independent suspension, transmission and tires, the engine and the body aerodynamics into a highly complex mathematical model that works exactly like a real r/c car. Really every detail of an r/c car is simulated in the physics engine. We believe that VRC is the most accurate simulation of r/c cars on the market. All the set-up variables can be changed to improve the handling, and to suit your driving style. Realism doesn't stop at the physics. To give you the best audio-visual impression VRC takes full advantage of today's 3D graphics hardware to provide you a nearly photo realistic experience.

What controller to use for Virtual RC Racing?
VRC can be controlled with keyboard, a regular joystick or radio-like joystick, or with your own r/c transmitter and the VRC-2 USB adaptor. Hook up the VRC-2 to your receiver and you control the car with your own transmitter, it can't get any closer to reality than this! The VRC-2 USB adaptor can be purchased from the E-shop. The older VRC-1 gameport adaptor can be used, either connected to the gameport of your computer, or by using a gameport-to-USB converter like the USB Adaptor of RadioShack.

Why to get into Virtual RC Racing?
VRC lets you set up your car the same way you would do with a real r/c car: suspension, shock absorbers, tires, transmission and clutch, and even the engine to optimize your car's performance. For seasoned r/c racers it provides you with hands-on experience and feed back which can be tried on your real r/c car. VRC is also the ideal platform to get into r/c racing to learn and improve your driving skills and to discover set-up secrets which will improve your the ‘real lifer's r/c skills.

What does Virtual RC Racing cost?
The basic VRC game software is FREE and can be downloaded from this website under Free Downloads. The RC Speedway and Oslo track are the 2 FREE tracks. New tracks can be purchased in the e-Shop and then downloaded from My Tracks in your Personal menu. For on-line racing a VRC Racing License must be purchased from the E-shop, it is available for 1-3-6 and 12 months periods. With the VRC Racing License you can participate in any VRC event within the license period. Credits can be used to pay for individual on-line events, credit packs can be purchased from the E-shop. VRC and its add-ons are only distributed through the internet.

PayPal is the exclusive payment system for VRC.

How to get into VRC?
After registering, VRC software can be downloaded FREE from the Virtual RC website. The VRC game has all the set-up features and comes with 2 FREE tracks. When you first start VRC you will be notified to activate the RC Speedway and Oslo track. To activate you must be connected to the internet. VRC can now be played on your home pc or notebook. To participate in on-line competitions you must have a VRC Racing License or have VRC Racing credits (both can be purchased from the e-shop) and then register for the competitions you want to participate in. The database will check if you have the track on which the competition will be raced, if not you will be asked to purchase it first from the E-shop.

What are the VRC system requirements?
VRC requires minimum Pentium 3 / 800Mhz / 256Mb RAM computer with a Windows 98 or higher operating system. The minimum graphics card is Nvidia GeForce 2 or comparable. As with all sims and games, the more powerful the better. For on-line competitions and software downloads a medium-high speed internet connections is required.

What are you waiting for?
Sign up and download VRC now to find out for yourself how exciting VRC really is. And VRC will only get better, with more chassis, engines, tracks and of course more r/c racers from all over the world to compete with in the planets biggest r/c event.

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