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An exclusive NASCAR SimRacing 2005 Q&A session with James Hawkins.

By Team SimRacingWorld
25 January 2005

SimRacingWorld had the opportunity to sit down with James Hawkins, senior producer of NASCAR SimRacing 2005 and ask him a few quick questions about the development of the game. We have collated these and developed an FAQ from this.

Thanks to Jerry W, from DreamLanGames.com for doing this interview on behalf of SimRacingWorld.

Q: What are the system specs need to run Nascar: Sim Racing?
A: 2ghz or better processor, 512MB RAM, and Nvidia or ATI based videocard. At this time this has not been finalised.

Q: Will the cars be able to get airborne?
A: YES, the cars can get air born.

Q: How well have you been able to recreate the tracks that typically have multiple racing lines to pass? e.g.: Homestead, California, Daytona, etc.
A: There are three lines for each track. Only the Super Speedways will have the multi grooves available. All the other tracks other grooves will not be available, but they are there and James felt that once the modders get a hold of the game they will start to mess with them.

Q: What safeguards will be in place against cheating?
A: This is a big concern for them and the game will basically be checking basic sections of the game to look for any modifications to give a driver an advantage.

Q: Will there be support for Windows or Linux dedicated servers?
A: There is currently only support for a Windows dedicated server.

Q: What are the dedicated server specs needed to run the game (Hardware/Bandwith)?
A: A very simple computer could run a dedicated server, a 3D video card is not even needed.

Q: What type of options will we have in setting up a dedicated server, such as:
Q: Weather, can it be setup to change during the race?

A: Yes, but would not be recommended for online play, because of the performance hit. But James did feel that this option could be “on” if ran on a LAN.
Q: Fixed setup?
A: No, they didn't put this in the game.
A: Yes
Q: Auto-pace?
A: Yes

Q: Will there be an advance wear option in the game (2x, 4x, 6x, 8x)?
A: Yes, you are able to set both Tire and Fuel usage at different settings.

Q: How many different driving views will there be, besides cockpit?
A: There are currently three; Roof, Bumper, Chase.

Q: Will we be able to make any adjustments in the cockpit during the race, such as brake bias?
A: Yes, you will be able to adjust the brake bias from in the car, during the race.

Q: In replay mode: will you be able to view your opponents braking, acceleration, points along with the ability to view their in-car gauges?
A: No, they purposely took it out, because some of the feedback they received favoured that the driver wouldn't want to give this information away.

Q: What type of future plans do you have for the game, say in a few months down the road? (expansion packs, new track releases, maybe even spotter updates & etc.)?
A: They will be releasing the 2005 car paint schemes as a free download. Other releases will be mainly based from customer demand or needs.

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