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Simbin have announced that their upcoming title GTR will include native Track IR support.

By Team SimRacingWorld
31 October 2004

10tacle Studios' and SimBin Development Team's upcoming racing simulation title "GTR" will include complete support for NaturalPoint's TrackIR EnhancedT mode. The TrackIRT system has been popularized by flight simulation software, and SimBin Development Team together with 10tacle studios, are proud to offer the first racing simulation title with full support of this new technology.

The TrackIRT device is a unique gaming controller designed to allow accurate control of characters and environments through natural head movements. Its easy-to-use interface and unobtrusive form factor has made it the premier head-tracking controller.

In EnhancedT mode the TrackIRT interacts directly with the game, instead of emulating a mouse. The most important benefit of this is absolute positioning, which means that the player's viewpoint can always easily be returned to the centre position, even after completely moving away from the display screen.

With TrackIRT, GTR will give the ultimate racing simulation experience. No longer will the sim racer be confined to the constrains of a traditional monitor, where it is often difficult to see the optimum racing line and exactly where opponents are on the track. You now have the ability to look quickly through the side windows and around highly detailed cockpits, as if you were in a real FIA GT car. This exciting technology allows the sim racer to have complete situational awareness and become part of the game world.

"GTR represents a new benchmark in racing simulations, and fully supporting TrackIR EnhancedT mode in the game is one more example of our continued commitment to delivering the latest technology to the racing enthusiast. We developed using the brand new TrackIR 3 ProT and worked hand in hand with NaturalPointŪ to get the most out of the system and realize the dreams of racers everywhere," Simbin's Head of Studio, Ian Bell, has stated.

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