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A list of game specifications for Xpand Rally

By Team SimRacingWorld
30 January 2004

Thanks to the Chrome Engine 2004 technology, players can drive without any restrictions across vast, beautiful and extremely detailed terrains.

Complex car physics simulation providing realistic driving experience.

Car handling depending on:

* Individual car settings
* Car damage
* Surface type
* Weather conditions

Realism of speed in the game

Demanding AI opponents with different personalities and driving styles

Various single player modes; Career (2 modes), single race, time trials, bonus tracks, special rules championships

Multiplayer Mode

* Up to 8 players simultaneously Internet and LAN game
* Split screen mode

Support for all available controllers

* Force feedback support
* Steering wheels, game pads and keyboards

Music and sounds prepared according to the latest technology and trends

* Realistic sound effects (sounds of the engine, brakes, crashes etc. based on real car sounds)
* Terrific soundtrack
* EAX support enhancing level of realism in the game

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