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World Racing 2 is announced by TDK Interactive.

By Team SimRacingWorld
11 January 2004

Ratingen, January 7th 2004 - Volkswagen AG and TDK Mediactive Europe have entered into a worldwide cooperation agreement. The partnership will allow the masses worldwide to experience Volkswagen vehicles virtually, as part of a computer game. This racing game will be marketed as World Racing 2 and is being developed in the studios of racing software specialist Synetic to run on current next generation game consoles and PC.

Computer games are the best instrument for experiencing the real joy and thrill of driving the various cars on offer without actually having to buy one. Thanks to sophisticated driving physics, players can enjoy the unique challenges and virtual driving fun associated with some of the most luxurious cars both on and off the road.

As Heiko tom Felde, Director of TDK Mediactive Europe, explains: "We are delighted about the joint venture with Volkswagen AG. There's hardly another brand of car that so many drivers can relate to. After all, who hasn't driven a VW at some point in their lives? At the same time, the VW group offers a wide range of different brands to choose from, satisfying the dreams and legends of racing enthusiasts and instilling an awesome sense of emotion into the game."

World Racing 2 puts the fun of driving at centre stage. Users are promised an enthralling racing experience thanks to the game's clearly defined arcade character set, the rich and varied range of mission modes, lively scenarios, enhanced tuning options and variety of integrated Volkswagen models.

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