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Below are some Frequently Asked Questions about F1GP. Some were written by me and other were taken from the old F1GP FAQ

By John
20 February 2000

General Game Issues

Q: Can I remove the copy protection screen?

A: Yes, for more information please read my article called Remove Copy Protection.

Q: Where is the tunnel at Monaco?

A: To see the tunnel at Monaco the trackside object settings must be full. To adjust the detail level press the key D several times.

Q: How do I play the game as I have lost my manual?

A: You can check out my online manual for help.

General Game Playing

Q: Why can't I steer the car in the pits?

A: If you drive without steering help you can steer in the pit where you want, but if you drive with steering help your driving is restricted.

Q: What about car setups?

A: The basic thing in the car setup is that you put lots of wings to front and less to rear. Gear ratios depend on the slowest corners and fastest straights. For more help read Ivanhoe Vasiljevich's setup guide.

Q: Why is the car slower in a race than in practice?

A: F1GP varies the car HP and Grip settings to better simulate real F1 racing conditions.

Q: Can I have a car failure?

A: No, it is not possible to run out of fuel or for the engine to blow in F1GP.

Q: Why doesn't the game save Race Lap Records?

A: F1GP only saves race records on 100% distance because there is no refuelling so you can go quicker, because the car is lighter, in a race under 100%.

Game Performance

Q: How fast a computer I need?

A: You need at least IBM PC 286 to play F1GP with 2MB of RAM. It will run on fast machines though.

Q: Texture Settings

A: There are varying levels of textures and trackside objects. Not really a problem with modern fast computers. It is best to go for a higher frame rate and turn off the detail.

Editing the Game

Q: How do I edit the cars and driver helmets?

A: The best way is to use either F1Ed or GpEditor.

Q: Can I download something with the latest teams and drivers?

A: Yes, they are called Carsets. If you want the latest carsets then check out John's Carsets. These are designed by myself to be as accurate as possible to the current Formula 1 Season.

Q: Can I change the helmets in the Driver/Team Selection menu?

A: Yes, by using Craig Heath's Helmet Editor. The file with the latest helmets is included in John's Carsets.

Q: Why can't have a different coloured back and front wings?

A: The game will not allow it, that is why F1Ed is like that.

Q: Why is the bottom ring of the helmets in F1Ed the same colour as the visor?

A: The bottom ring is never visible during the game.

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