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A list of frequently asked questions, and their answers.

By Team SimRacingWorld
3 November 2003

When will it be released?

We hope to finish the game in winter 2003/2004.

Is Crashday an inofficial Stunts sequel?

Not directly, since Crashday does not only contain the features known from the popular classic Stunts, but also offers new gameplay elements.

However you can probably say that there hasn't been a game until today that combines most of Stunts' unique features in an up-to-date title: Crashday offers the same freedom of movement for discovering the stunt driving possibilities in your environment, and additionally contains a flexible, but easy-to-use track editor to create countless driving tracks for long-time motivation.

In which countries will it be available and how much will it cost?

At the moment it's difficult to answer that question since Moon Byte Studios is still looking for an appropritate publishing partner. The terrority where Crashday will be available and the price of the game will mostly depend on the publisher's ideas. It is quite probable that Crashday will be available in most bigger countries around the world.

(When) Will there be a playable demo version?

There will definitely be a playable demo version. However it is important for us to release a feature-rich and nearly finished demo, one that is actually interesting for the player. But since Crashday does not even contain all important gameplay features yet it would be unwise to release playable material now.
It seems probable that the demo will be out at about the time when the game will be finished.
There will be no public beta tests before release.

What are the system requirements?

The current system requirements will certainly differ from those of the final version. We are always adding new power-consuming features but especially when heading towards the end of development a lot of optimizations will be being implemented.
Recommendable will surely be a 1 GHz system and a GeForce3 or coequal graphics card.

Which graphics cards will be supported?

Crashday will soon be rewritten to DirectX 9.0 meaning that it is quite probable that any DirectX 8.1-capable card like a GeForce3 (or coequal graphics card) as well as all newer cards will be supported.

Will there be multiplayer support?

Yes. We are striving to add both LAN and internet play. Splitscreen will not be supported.

Why weapons?

The weapon feature (minigun & missiles) is optional, i.e. can be turned off/on in game. We noticed that many players are of different opinions concerning weapons in Crashday. About a half of the players likes weapons, the other one totally refuses them. In the end we decided for that compromise.

Why do some cars look graphically worse than others?

We are currently striving to replace all older car models by newer, more detailled versions. Therefore it is possible that you will notice new as well as old cars on the screenshots (e.g. no translucent windows).
Also, this is the reason why many new shots only feature a small number of different cars.

Is Crashday an arcade game or rather a simulation?

Crashday tries to be as realistic as possible up to a degree where the gameplay isn't influenced negatively. The handling of the vehicles is a bit more arcade-like against what the stunt- and car physics are calculated more realisticly.
For pure racing fans Crashday supports manual transmission, a checkpoint/racetrack mode and an option to turn off weapons and tune ups.

Which kind of cars will be there in Crashday?

Beside fast sports cars you will also be able to drive "common" urban cars as well as some heavier vans. All vehicles will clearly differ in terms of handling and it will even be possible to influence their physical parameters through tuning operations.
Crashday does not contain licensed cars so Moon Byte Studios decided to create own car types.

What about taking car "xyz" into the game?

We already decided for the cars that will make it into the game and which not. Those who absolutely want to see a certain car in game and moreover have got modelling abilities can create own vehicles and add it to the game after the SDK tools have been released (some time after the actual game release).

What will the Crashday soundtrack be like?

Beside fast break beat pieces Crashday will also feature techno/trance songs as well as some hip hop titles.

Is there any way to integrate my own music?

Quite probably Crashday will support ".ogg"-audio files meaning you could also add your own music to the game. ".ogg" is similar to ".mp3" and both audio files can easily be converted from one into the other with tools available on the net.

Which controllers are supported?

Since Crashday uses the DirectInput interface there shouldn't be any big compatibility issues with current DirectX hardware. Mostly all game pads, analog joysticks and racing wheels should work fine. Crashday also supports the ForceFeedback technology.

Will there be any weather effects like rain or snow?

Crashday will support different time settings but no weather effects actually.

Will there be night races in Crashday?

Yes. If there is be no actual night setting, there will be a very dark morning setting or something similar at least.

Are there any different types of surface?

Crashday currently supports asphaltic as well as offroad grass-like surfaces. There also might be some other surface type in the future.

From which camera views may I choose?

- cockpit cam
- hood cam (possible)
- chase cam - near
- chase cam - far
- rear view cam
- cam on car side (in driving direction)
- cam on car side (in rear direction)
- automatic TV-like cameras
- all previously mentioned cameras

Can "wrecked players" leave the car and be ran over by others?

No. In comparison to other games like for example "Carmageddon" or "Grand Theft Auto" it is not our aim to have any violent aspects in the game as we actually only want to focus on a gameplay that's fun and not in the sense of killing people.

What does Moon Byte to create a huge community?

For us it is very important to build up a huge community, hence Crashday has all time been prepared for adding additional game content. First there is the possibility to exchange track or replay files with other players or to put them on websites for download. We here took care of keeping the file sizes as small as possible to keep (online) data transfer low (e.g. track files will only be 5-300kb in size) Second it is also possible to create custom cars with our inhouse-tools or converters and include them in Crashday. Instead of replacing other cars you can nearly add as many new vehicles to the game as you want which makes downloads and the installation of new cars very easy. Further it is possible to create own track pieces like jumps etc. with the tools mentioned above.

How do I create own cars or track pieces?

Of course we can only give a rough preview of the process yet. The most convenient way is to simply create your model in a modelling tool that supports .3DS files (like ZModeler or 3D Studio MAX etc.), then export it to a .3DS-file and finally convert it into Crashday-internal data formats with our inhouse tools. The second, more complicated and time-consuming way is to create your model "from the scratch" with our own tools and even apply textures.

Of course we want to build up a community that is as huge as possible. Therefore we will probably have to write more converters for other car file formats etc. Experienced converter programmers which would like to help us with the creation of such tools are always free to contact us.

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