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A list of features for Crashday

By Team SimRacingWorld
3 November 2003

* Stunt racing game with convincing stunt physics
* Absolute freedom of movement
* Powerful, easy-to-use track editor
(containing sets for country side environments, race tracks, highways, towns & cities, offroad tracks, stunt pieces and much more)
* Numerous game modes (+ team-based modes)
* Full multiplayer support via Internet and LAN
* Career mode
* 20 varietal, detailled vehicles
* Detailled damage model including real-time dents,
detachable car parts and breakable headlights and car windows
* Numerous tuning possibilities
(wings, rims, engine, decals/airbrush, performance exhausts...)
* Car accessories and weapons optionally available
* Support for savable replays files

Making the community grow

* Possibility to build an almost unlimited number of racing tracks with the flexible track editor
(Track files without preview picture only 5-20KB in size, suitable for online matches and fansite track downloads)
* Create custom cars afterwards (by SDK)
* Create custom track pieces afterwards
* New time-of-day settings can be installed

Game modes

All modes available in single and multiplayer

Stunt Mode

Give whatever it takes to set highscores in stunt mode with stunning action!
Jumps, loops, roll overs, flips, spins... here's Tony Hawk with cars!

Racing Mode

Attack best times or race against other players on default or custom tracks - choose between city sets, offroad sets, highway road pieces, racing track elements and much more...

Wrecking Mode

(team-play capable)

Put on your helmet and step into your vehicle - it's time for some wrecking! If you like cars smashing into each other, that's your mode. And in case you are still not satisfied get yourself some "support" with a rocket launcher or minigun!

Knock Out Mode

Just be quicker than the slowest driver on the track - after each lap completed the last driver is kicked out of race until there's only one last man standing!

Speed Bomb Mode

Watch out, someone installed a bomb in your car and it's blowing up if you're getting too slow! Now let's see how long you can continue to stay alive on the right route!

Capture The Flag

(team-play capable)

Catch the flag by crashing into your opponents and bring it back to the flag point! Or better let you help out by a team member by passing the flag over with a missile shot.

Pass The Bomb Mode

It might be YOU who was chosen to carry out a bomb that explodes after a certain bomb timer expired! So better quickly pass over that thingy to anyone else before it's time to say good-bye!

Test Drive

Test drive tracks, cars or car setups without any rule restrictions (singleplayer only).

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