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Thrustmaster have announced intention to release a new force feedback wheel for the PC.

By Team SimRacingWorld
30 October 2003

LONDON, 27th October 2003 - Continuing its close partnership with the prestigious prancing horse-brand automaker and its history of unique and innovative accessories, Thrustmaster is thrilled to announce the release of the Enzo Ferrari Force Feedback Wheel for PC. Channeling the power and precision of the Enzo Ferrari, Ferrari's mechanical and technological pinnacle, the Enzo Ferrari Force Feedback is compatible with all PC games.

In order to create its new flagship PC racing wheel, Thrustmaster has crafted the Enzo Ferrari Force Feedback using only the best available components and technology. An exact, officially-licensed replica of the original Enzo Ferrari wheel, the Enzo Ferrari Force Feedback ensures impressive Force Feedback performance and full compatibility with all PC racing games.

"Once again, Ferrari has demonstrated its confidence in Thrustmaster's expertise and know-how," states Jean-Michel Detoc, Thrustmaster's General Manager. "This new video game accessory was developed over the course of months of hard work by our R&D and marketing teams in conjunction with Ferrari S.p.A. The end result is the best combination of pure design, high performance and extreme driving sensations."

The interior of the Enzo Ferrari features an innovative dashboard and a completely new steering wheel, optimizing interaction between man and machine - the flow of information, and the way the driver activates the controls. Thrustmaster has remained true to this design, incorporating these new features which are also incredibly useful for players in their racing games.

Like the original Ferrari wheel, Thrustmaster's Enzo Ferrari Force Feedback features a carbon-textured rim, a beveled upper section, ultra high-quality rubberized handgrips, 4 wheel-mounted carbon levers and extensive controls on either side, all of which are easy to access and linked to game functions.

To go along with its exclusive license, Thrustmaster's Enzo Ferrari Force Feedback also makes use of unique technologies: its advanced Force Feedback mechanism optimizes the effects generated by all PC games, bringing them closer to reality than ever before.

Finally, for maximum comfort and perfect gaming posture, the Enzo Ferrari Force Feedback comes complete with sturdy, stable foot pedals, just like those in the real Enzo Ferrari.


Thrustmaster's Enzo Ferrari Force Feedback Wheel will be available in October 2003 at a suggested retail price of 89.99.

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