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Codies have released a Colin Mcrae Rally 04 movie showing what happens when you push the cars over the limit!

By Team SimRacingWorld
7 September 2003

Find out just how much punishment the amazing cars in Colin McRae Rally 04 will take in a new, high-impact movie now available to view or download from SimRacingFiles.com.

Available for PlayStation 2 and Xbox on September 19, Colin McRae Rally 04 is already garnering critical acclaim as the best rally game on earth.

The video demonstrates the incredible level of detail in the car models, including the damage they take when you take them more off-road than intended. Wheels fly off, bonnets crumple, windscreens smash and engines scream for mercy as the cars go into barrel rolls that would make fighter pilots proud.

Colin McRae Rally 04 is already being heralded as the only rally game to get this year. See the action for yourself in the new movie, now available online from the game's dedicated site at www.codemasters.com/colinmcrae04


# Choose from over 20 rally cars and compete in 8 game modes including 4-wheel drive, 2-wheel drive, Group B and Expert Championships (with single and multiplayer options).
# New, faster game engine for improved textures, new animated environments, and incredibly detailed terrain visuals. Enhanced replay cameras and new in-game "bumper cam" also feature.
# 8 international rally locations (UK, Sweden, USA, Finland, Australia, Spain, Greece, Japan), 6 rally stages in each, 8 shakedown events, and 4 Superspecial stages.
# Part testing challenges - earn new car technology by completing part tests between rallies.
# Masses of multiplayer modes and ghost car racing.
# Create your own Custom Rally with favourites stages or themed stages.
# Full set-up and repair options and detailed pre-race stage briefings.
# Normal, advanced and expert damage settings. Plus 'damage cam': see the impact on your car post-race.

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