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GPx track and utility creator Marc Aarts was good enough to allow us an interview. Here's what he said.

By Bezza

Q: Hi Mark, before we start, can you give us a brief chronology of some of the work you do? Also some details about yourself (age...etc.)

A: Well at the moment I'm 25 years old, living in the Netherlands and working as a systems administrator. My hobbies include but are not limited to playing computer games, playing guitar, watching movies, creating game editting tools and maintaining websites.

My first steps in editting games was soon after the release of GP2 and I have been busy ever since. I have made several utilities for GP2, as well as tracks and some other stuff. I also maintain the biggest (and best?) GP2 site in the world at www.grandprix2.com.

After GP2 I moved on to GP3, for which I have created a couple of new utilities over the years. Instead of editting GP3, I'm mainly racing it these days which might be as much fun!

Q: What are you doing at the moment with regards to game editing?

A: Currently I'm mostly involved with the editting of EA Sports' F1 series of games. I have made some nice tools for F1-2001 which have helped creating some amazing add-ons, and now I'm digging into F1-2002 files (at the moment the game hasn't been released yet) and I have some new tools waiting which I will release soon for the SimBin Development Team.

Q: You decided to quit, or at least do less editing because of some idiots. Can you explain what happened?

A: Without going into too much detail, I would like to say that I lost the pleasure I had in editting games because of the attitude of some people. I certainly don't expect people to keep thanking me for what I have done over the years, but a little respect would have been nice. Of course I know that most people are extremely cool and would never do anything wrong, but I have allowed those few others to get to me. The thing that really annoyed me, and still does, is that people take all the hard work of the editors for granted. That's not how it should be, but I won't be able to change that.

Q: Do you have anything to say to the people that had a go at you and other editors?

A: Not really. Let them make their own add-ons to see how much work (and fun!) it is. I can't be bothered by them anymore. It's not worth the energy.

Q: How do you feel about Geoff Crammond stealing your GPxSAT ideas for GP4? ;)

A: Hmmm ... too little, too late I guess. I'm not that impressed by what I have seen as far as on-screen information in GP4 goes. But perhaps I haven't seen the way it will look in the finished game so I will not dismiss it already. Knowing how we (SDI and myself) created the GPxSAT module for GPxPatch, it's a dissappointement that it wasn't in GP3(-2000) already from the start.

Q: What do you think of the GPx editting scene at the minute? Is it better than it used to be or worse?

A: I really enjoyed the GP2 editing scene. There were many very, very cool guys back then who did amazing work. With GP3, and later on GP3-2000 there have been a lot more people involved who show a different attitude to things. It's not how it used to be. But there are still many very cool guys making amazing things and I hope that will never change.

Q: Will you be buying GP4?

A: Most likely. I have all Geoffs GP games so I will probably get me this one as well.

Q: Have you any plans of returning to editing for GP4 if the game allows it? If so, in what capacity?

A: Hard to say. I haven't been impressed by what I have seen of GP4 so far, and I only hope to be too pessimistic. If GP4 is a very good game, and not too different technically from GP3-2000 I might be tempted to do some editing. Ideally I would prefer to make some new track editing tools for my friend Belini. He has made many cool GP3 tracks, which have not been released. If GP4 is a lot better than GP3, he might release more new tracks. But I have seen some screenshots of 3DSMax with Imola in it, and if that's the way to create tracks for GP4, I will probably not make any tools. Then again, I like editting racing games so despite my hesitations right now, I might spend countless hours on editting GP4 just like I have done with GP3 and GP2. Time will tell!

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