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The West brothers let us know how they are progressing with Racing Legends.

By Team SimRacingWorld
24 August 2003

The long, enforced, break is over and we can now return to developing Racing Legends fulltime. The break has seen considerable changes in our personal and business lives and has resulted in a lot more security for both us and Racing Legends. We are now able to concentrate on developing Racing Legends free from all the stress we had before.

Can I also take this opportunity to restate a previous comment. There seem to be a number of people who, for whatever reason, take exception to what we are trying to do and take it all very seriously. We are absolutely the first people to say that Racing Legends should be taken for what it is currently and that is simply words, pictures and promises of what we hope to deliver. And words mean nothing, some of the pictures are quite nice I feel, but again mean nothing. Until there is something to try Racing Legends will continue to be words and pictures and should be taken that way.

There are those who don't believe we can deliver what we say but the fact is we believe we can and with the sale of our house we have staked everything upon it. Unless we try we shall never know and the only people that stand to lose anything, at the end of the day, are ourselves.

So on to what we have been able to get done since the last update. The cockpit of the Lotus 49 is progressing well. Below we have an in-car shot showing how it looks at the moment. The dials still need individual textures. the battery needs to be connected, the dash has no back and there are currently no pedals but thanks to Goodwood I now have some excellent reference shots of all these features so they can soon be added.

And whilst on the subject of Goodwood may I take this opportunity to thank all those who allowed myself to crawl all over their cars, and especially to Colin Banstead (I hope I have remembered that correctly!) who removed all sorts from the 312PB so I could get the shots I needed.

The next image shows the entire 49 tub, make a nice controller don't you agree? The tub is about complete save for a few small details. The inspection hatches need to be finished, the roll hoop needs some mounting plates, more mounts required for the water pipe down the sides and some brackets are missing to which the rear suspension is attached.

The main jobs now on the 49 are the front suspension and cooling system.

More work has been done on the motion blur system. In a previous update I mentioned that we have a progressive motion blur in Racing Legends. We have added to this to allow us to blur not only the textures but the objects as well so we can have 3D rims that look correct as the car speeds up. Below are some stills that I hope demonstrate this. If you look closely at the spokes of the wheel you should be able to see that in the first frame they are modeled and have depth but as the wheel speeds up these spokes become less visible as motion blur takes over.

Chris and Gregor have also been progressing in their areas. Gregor has been working on 'chassis flex' which is an important and often overlooked part of the cars handling and has also been optimising the core physics engine.

Chris has been developing the lighting system to provide more realistic lighting and to permit real-time lighting so we can have time of day and weather effects.

In the upcoming weeks I am keen to do more on the 312PB. I love this car and as can be seen from previous updates a lot of work has already been done on this car but it came to a halt due to a lack of decent reference material. I now have all the reference I need to complete this car and think it will provide an interesting comparison for the Lotus 49B.

The test track is also calling and I hope to get some more done on this soon.

I think that is about it for now. Its nice to be back at work and doing what we enjoy. As promised normal service can now be resumed. Thank you for your patience.

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