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A list of Live For Speed specifications and answers to common questions.

By Team SimRacingWorld
20 July 2003

Eric and Scawen have been working from their homes in London and Victor from his small music studio in Holland since March 2001 and finally our first commercial release, known as S1, is ready! :) It is available from the internet as a full version which is unlocked by the user after paying online and receiving an unlocking key to transform it from Demo into Full version.

The simulator : is programmed with the aim of maximum realism, the car's motion is worked out purely through forces acting through the tyres and other external forces and is not "faked" in any way as many more simplistic racing games are.

The quality : graphical and physical, makes it one of the best there has ever been. The graphics is up to date and highly detailed and allows you to see far into the distance with minimal pop-up.

Accessibility : we have found that this game is loved by both hardcore sim-racers and people who have previously found realistic simulators too difficult to have fun.

Online play : is one of the main reasons for Live for Speed's popularity, with an easy connection system - you simply click on List of Games then select the game you want to join.

Setup Options : For adjusting a cars settings, there is a setup screen in game where you can adjust many things from suspension settings to gear ratios and you can instantly see and test the results of those changes. In addition to these options, there is a large number of other user adjustable options for graphics, gameplay, and general preferences

Controls : Live for Speed can be controlled by mouse, keyboard, joystick or steering wheel. The best controller is a force feedback steering wheel, as the steering forces can be felt very clearly, helping to control the car on the limit.

The Future : Live for Speed S1 is a "complete" product in itself but will be adding a lot more content and many new features for the S2 and S3 releases. Sales from the S1 release fund our future development and of course give our community far more variety than they previously had in the Demo Test.

Publishing : We are not using a publisher to fund and distribute Live for Speed, we are remaining 100% independent and this has enabled us to keep the simulator just as we want it to be. For this reason, the S1 release is available only by downloading from our website and mirrors, and we expect to be able to distribute it on magazine cover disks as well now that the full version is available. S1 comes as a 140MB zip which behaves exactly as the demo until unlocked online with an unlocking key available from www.liveforspeed.net after purchasing an S1 licence costing 12 UK.

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