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How to alter a carset (that was created in F1Ed) if the CC (Computer Controlled) cars are too fast/difficult for you to race with.

By John

The best way to do this is described below. There are other ways (such as altering the "Driver Performance" values - however this is a much more complex way of altering the CC cars' performance.

Too great acceleration or top speed

  • Open carset in F1Ed.
  • Click the "View" menu then select "Change Team Performance Range".
  • Adjust the two top scroll bars. I suggest you make the difference between the top and bottom values around 300.

Too great cornering speed

  • Open carset in F1Ed.
  • Click the "View" menu then select "Game Engine Options".
  • Adjust the "AI Grip" scroll bar - move it to the left to decrease their grip.

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