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NaturalPoint has announced the release of the TrackHat, which improves the accuracy and ease of use of the TrackIR system.

By Team SimRacingWorld
18 June 2003

NaturalPoint, the leading manufacturer of head tracking systems for PC games, announced today the long-anticipated release of its new trackHat. Designed for use with the company's popular trackIR head tracking device, the trackHat is a stylish and practical fashion accessory critical to any trackIR user's wardrobe.

The new trackHat eliminates the need for the trackIR's reflective dots. Instead, users can simply wear the black-and-silver pilot-style hat whenever they want to use their trackIR.

The trackHat also increases the reliability and accuracy of the trackIR by placing a larger reflective area further away from the user's center of rotation, or as it is more commonly called, 'head'. Says Jim Richardson, NaturalPoint's president: “We're really excited to be offering the trackHat- it's one of the most common requests we get from users. No more going to dinner with a silver circle on your forehead!”

The trackHat is immediately available from the NaturalPoint store at games.naturapoint.com/store/store.wp2 at a special introductory price of $19.95.

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