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With our change of hosts we launched our new site. Find out what this means for you

By John
10 June 2001

Welcome to the new SimRacingWorld site - which has been the result of my work over that last week. I first should introduce myself if you don't know who I am - I am the founder of GrandPrix1.com (which Barrie now runs) and I am the resident programmer ("CGI-Guy") for SimRacingWorld. All this means is that I do all the stuff behind the scenes so that all the files and content is served to the visitors of the site properly. Since I did most of the work in producing the new site I am the best person to talk about what has been done and what we have planned for the sites. Anyway, on with the article.

If you were a regular visitor to the site you will have noticed that over the last couple of weeks the whole network has been down or just had a downtime page up (since we could actually get the sites working). This arose from GameStats (which has hosted GrandPrix1.com and F1-GRANDprix3.net since 1999) moving us to a new server that wasn't working properly. After constant pestering of the administrators over the last fortnight and after very little progress was made, we made the decision that the time had come to leave GameStats and look for a new host.

Whilst the sites have been down I had been working on the new site that you see now. I had planned to start this development in a few months time but decided to start the building of it in our period of downtime.

Ideally we would have liked to have launched the new site with everything working properly but the change of servers mean this was not possible. I am working on the few remaining features and the rest of the SRW team are working hard to get all the content back online.

Along with the new design there have been a number of other major changes that come with this re-launch that should help make your visit(s) to SRW better.

Integration of Sites
Each of the sites in the SimRacingWorld network (this includes GrandPrix1.com, F1-GRANDprix3.net and GP Files) now have the same design and navigation between the sites is easy. However, each site has its own identity with a different logo and different colour scheme.

New Database Backend
All of the sites are now run using a database back-end (MySQL, if anyone is interested) which allows us to easily update the sites with new content. This enables us to add lots more content and also helps you to find it easier.

Content Review
Since we are moving to a database system all the old content needs to be entered into it. Part of the this process is reviewing it to check this it is still current and that one article will not appear on several network sites.

SimRW News Center
All the news from every site is now viewable in the News Center. If you regularly visit most of the SRW sites then this is best place to go to get all your sim racing news - which is quicker than visiting every site.

Links Directory
We have launched SimRacingLinks.com which is a large database of links to other sim racing sites organised into categories.

Latest Content Links
On the navigation bar of each site there is are links to the 5 latest files, articles and headlines so when you visit us again (which we hope you will) you can see what new stuff has been added.

Brand New Host
We are now hosted by Diatone.net which is a much quicker server that the old GameStats one. The site is also noticeably faster.

Printer Version and "Send to a friend"
Ever wanted to print some content off the Internet only to find out that when it prints part of the content is missing? Well the printer friendly version of articles enables them to be easily printed without the rest of our site design printing as well.

Our "send to a friend" feature allows you send an email to anyone recommending an article that you have just read.

About Author

This article was written by John. John is the resident programmer ("CGI-Guy") of SimRacingWorld.com. He has designed the site and written all of the code that serves the content.

John has written 36 articles for SimRacingWorld.

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