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Paul reveals his ideas for GP3

By Paul
9 August 1999

System Requirements

Many people are worried that we will all need Pentium 4's to play Grand Prix 3, but that I can say is untrue. The days of games needing fast processors to run have gone.

It now all relies on the graphics card and how fast it is. It will be likely you can play Grand Prix 3 in software mode, but to get the most out of it you will need a 3D graphics card, i.e. Voodoo, Riva TNT, so if you want to play Grand Prix 3, keep some money back for one of these.

My bet for System requirements is:

Minimum Specs

  • Pentium 200Mhz Processor
  • 32mb of Ram
  • Windows 9x, with DirectX 6.1
  • 2mb Graphics card
  • 100mb HDD space
  • Sound Card

    Recommended Specs

  • Pentium 300mhz
  • 64Mb of Ram
  • Windows 9x with DirectX 6.1
  • 8mb (16mb rec.) 3D graphics card, supporting Direct3D, Glide or OpenGL
  • 150mb HDD space
  • PCI sound card, supporting Direct3D sound.


    The graphics in GP3 must be good, the graphics in GP2 are superb for a game that is three years old, but gp3 must be better.

    So far, GP3 will have 3D card support - a feature that never made it into GP2 because of a buggy 3d engine. It must also have support for higher resolutions.

    GP2 only supports up to 640X480, so GP3 must have resolutions up to and above 1024X768. Having said this though, GP3 should still have VGA support for older PCs - just like Official F1 racing. It must also have support for software mode.

    We have seen with various games that 3D cards are essential, but now people have been developing in both 3D and software modes (e.g. Half-Life and Official F1) so this should be the same in GP3.


    GP3 must have some really cool videos for the introduction and when you win a race etc. GP2 videos are poor, even for 1996, they were the same quality for F1GP, which was released before Grand Prix 2. - They have to be improved a lot.

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