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Will 1999 be the year of GP3? Here are some ideas about what should be included in Grand Prix 3.

By Neil Wood
10 January 1999

Will 1999 be the year of GP3? Here are some ideas about what should be included in Grand Prix 3.

Computer Car AI

The computer controlled cars have improved immensely from F1GP. There still is a problem though, the may dodge stranded cars sometimes but normally like in F1GP they just plough straight into each other. When they have ploughed into each other, they keep driving at each other until they get free. I would also like to see backmarkers move out of the way of the leaders like in real life. Sometimes they do move out the way but to their peril because they steer right onto the gravel trap, grass or into a wall.

The Colour Palette

GP2 uses a very limited colour palette of under 256 colours. This gives it a very unfinished and rough edged appearance. Rumours are that GP3 will have 3DFX support. Hopefully that will help the graphics quality. It would then be able to run in higher resolutions (800x600 or higher). The light reflections would then have a more crisp quality. If lens Flare was added to GP3 then this would be a bonus. Everything in the game should reflect the light in different ways mimicking reality as close as possible. By having 16.7 million colours then greater special effects can be used. Engine blowouts and smoke would look more realistic.

GP3 career

It would make it much better for the longetivity of the game to add a career mode. This would consist of you going through the ranks in teams of Formula One. You would negotiate with team managers to gain places in good teams.

Gravel Traps

Firstly what I found a bit unrealistic was the gravel traps. The car would bob up and down as though it wasn't on the ground. The car should actually feel that it's attached to the ground.

Flag Marshals and pit crews

I know there were quite a few graphical glitches such as flag marshals appearing in front of barriers when they were meant to be behind them. The flag marshals seen to hang onto the back of retired cars without moving their feet. Flag marshals should also not just appear from out of nowhere, they could be situated behind barriers or they could run from behind them. They could also give out more flags like oil flags or black flags for something else other than corner cutting. It would help if the pit crew moved like in real life. Another strange thing is in the pits, you can never view the car from any other way but in the cockpit. You should also be able to put the rev limiter on yourself. One thing I thought would be improved from F1GP was the fact that when cars were lifted of the track, there was no crane. Come on, a crane would add realism. How about races that could be stopped for crashes and stranded cars. Also 10 second penalties that are taken in the pits. If the penalty is not taken then disqualification can be given. All cars should be given warnings for dangerous driving. Computer cars seem to get away with knocking me off.

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