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A short Interview with Stephane Decroix, Project Manager F1 Racing Championship PC, explaining some of the game's development.

By Team SimRacingWorld

Somehow we seem to have lost the questions that were asked. However it still gives valuable information about F1RC.

In real life, a Formula One track layout is designed with great precision to meet driving objectives. It's our duty, therefore, to do justice to the circuit designers' intentions, so the player can enjoy driving on each circuit to the full. Thanks to GPS technology, we've created exactly the same circuits, so you experience the self-same kicks and difficulties as the real-life drivers!

In addition to the visual realism, the thrills of driving have been completely revamped. The irregularities of the track - the humps, slants and sharp differences in ground level - make for a richer and more varied driving experience.

The game's Artificial Intelligence is necessarily more accomplished: and, since the tracks are more realistic, the competitors have to be more intelligent too, adapting their driving instantly to the track's irregularities.

GPS technology is a cutting-edge tool, and we've tried to exploit its full potential. Apart from the layouts, we've even worked out the exact thickness of the curbs!!

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