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Revolutionary Formula One simulation game developed using - for the first time ever- satellite Global Positioning System (GPS) technology

By Team SimRacingWorld

Video System and Ubi Soft Entertainment are proud to announce that F1 Racing Championship for PC CD-ROM will be released in November 2000. For the first time in any Formula One game, the circuits in F1 Racing Championship have been modelled using satellite tracking via Global Positioning System (GPS) technology.

Equipped with GPS receivers, Ubi Soft development teams (based in France) have made extremely accurate 3-dimensional plottings of each of the circuits including the width of the track, layout, rumble strips, crash barriers, surface irregularities down to the position of pits. The entire driveable surface of each of the Formula One season's 16 circuits has been meticulously modelled to within a centimetre. What's more, all the circuit environments have been filmed in 360, faithfully reproducing every detail.

With this modeling of every hump and slant, F1 Racing Championship for PC will be the first Formula One Championship simulation to allow the player to pit himself against the best drivers under exact real-life conditions. So, at every bend, gamers can drive precisely the same trajectory and passing speed as Formula One champions. The knock-on effects of this within gameplay and Artificial Intelligence are considerable. The thrills of driving are more intense and numerous than they were before and the AI is more accomplished, allowing competitors to adapt themselves to the track instantly.

F1 Racing Championship is designed to be the ultimate Formula One simulation licensed by Formula One Administration Ltd, offering the official 11 team cars, 22 drivers and 16 tracks of the full FORMULA ONE season.

Ubi Soft is known for its expertise in the field of racing games. In particular it is reknown, for the precision, realism and playabilty of its simulations. The development technology of F1 Racing Championship is yet more proof of the ongoing initative to bring gamers an exact reflection of reality.

Ubi Soft is the first developer to use satellite Global Positioning System technology in a Formula One racing game.

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