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The new benchmark for Formula One race simulation games on PC is a gem of technology and playability.

By Team SimRacingWorld

Video System and Ubi Soft are proud to announce the release of F1 Racing Championship for PC CD-ROM. This Formula One racing simulation - long-awaited by fans of the series - constitutes a major technological breakthrough in the tough arena of driving games.

F1 Racing Championship is the ultimate Formula One simulation officially licensed by the Formula One Administration Ltd, offering all 11 team cars, 22 drivers and 16 tracks of the full 1999 FIA Formula One World Championship season.

Developed in Ubi Soft's acclaimed Paris studios, this is the first Formula One racing game to use GPS satellite tracking technology offering an unrivalled quality of gameplay and driving experience. It provides all the driveable surfaces of the 16 1999 Formula One world championship circuits, meticulously modeled to within a centimeter. Even the slightest variance and gradient at ground level are represented!

The use of the new computing engine, REVENGE - which has been worked on by no less than a dozen engineers for over a year - bringing gripping visual realism to the game, along with highly sophisticated Artificial Intelligence. In multi-player mode, you can co-ordinate up to 22 human players simultaneously - which is a first, in a Formula One game.

Highly tuned vehicles behave ultra-realistically, the visual surroundings are surprisingly true to life and players compete against drivers programmed with a real fighting spirit and who know how to take advantage of even the slightest weakness.

F1 Racing Championship is superbly designed, making it the most realistic simulation race to date. A true leap forward in technology has been made. When you get behind the steering wheel, there's no doubt about it - you're in for the experience of a lifetime.

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