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F1Racing Championship for PC CD-ROM published by Video System and developped and distributed by Ubi Soft will use Ubi Soft Entertainment's acclaimed new racing-game engine: REVENGE (Reusable Vehicle Engine). Over a year ago, Ubi Soft development teams made the decision to design an engine that would constitute a new technological breakthrough in the field of racing games, providing the player with even more realistic simulations and breathtaking graphics.

The earlier Ubi Soft engines (RAGE I and RAGE II) were a tremendous success in their time offering unequalled performance. The REVENGE project team was made up of 12 engineers, all specialists in racing simulation games and Formula One driving behaviour. The team set out to create a totally original game engine to bring to fruition a new generation of modular engine. Today, this double gamble has paid off, allowing flexible programming for both PC and consoles. A second benefit is that a benchmark engine has been created, celebrated for its display performance (it's possible to see more than 1 km ahead!), the physical behavior of the cars, the fluidity, its motion capture animations and Artificial Intelligence.

Now, the Artificial Intelligence of F1 Racing Championship for PC can manage previously inaccessible data, such as competitors' stress levels, depending on their degree of experience. For example, you can push a young driver to commit a fault by putting him under increasing pressure. Furthermore, in multi-player mode - for the first time in a Formula One game - you can now co-ordinate a network of 22 human players simultaneously. Yes, that's all 22 players racing as each of the drivers in a real-life Grand Prix!

Lastly, the graphics and special effects also break new ground because REVENGE runs graphics in 32 bits, compared to the 8 bits of lesser engines. This leads to impressive results. For example, the reflection of the track environments on the single-seaters in F1 Racing Championship are both superbly precise and in real time.

Thus, F1 Racing Championship for PC is the ultimate in Formula One simulations, officially licensed by Formula One Administration Ltd. Offering all 11 team cars, 22 drivers and 16 tracks of the full Formula One season, via the REVENGE engine this represents a new leap forward in technology and a new gameplay benchmark for Formula One games.

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