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In this article Paul looks at the likelyhood we will not see another realistic Formula One simulation for years.

By Paul
23 April 2003

So it looks as if we're in for a long wait for the next realistic Formula One game. With the news that EA intends to cease the F1 series, due to both high costs and low sales, as well as the fact that its reported that ISI are "sick of F1 games", and now that Geoff Crammond has decided to devote his time to developing Stunt Car Racer Pro instead of another F1 game, we could be in for a long wait. Whilst, its true to say that EA are shortly to release an F1-game based on the 1999-2002 seasons, don't expect anything better than F1 2002 with a few added car liveries and tracks.

Its entirely possible that Ubisoft will release another F1 game, but they have only recently released Racing Simulation 3, which incidentally isn't based on Formula One, and by looking at their past reluctancy to take up the F1 licence hope seems slim here as well.

So who's to blame? Some say the FIA, some blame profit-driven game producers such as EA or Infogrames. To be honest it can be said that its a mixture of both; the FIA are partly to blame for the extortionate price of an official F1 license, and the resulting effect has been that the game manufacturers demand a game that sells, rather than one that is necessarily as realistic as it could be. It's been common knowledge for a long time that Geoff Crammond had to remove large parts of Grand Prix 4's code in order to please Infogrames...

Combined with the fact that unless you were a Schumacher/Ferrari fan, the 2002 season of Formula One was probably the most boring ever its not surprising that there are no planned F1 games from Infogrames or EA right now.

Still, not all is lost, thanks to the editability of F1 2002, we've seen amazing modifications released such as those from Simbin; many of which could be called games in their own right. The modding community for F1 2002 is alive and well, and we're still seeing updates for Grand Prix 4 making their way in, albeit at a slower pace.

Even though I imagine that we'll have to wait a long time for the next decent F1 game from either EA or Geoff Crammond, there are still other sims due for release which should satisy our desires; Racing Legends, Live for Speed, and eventually Stunt Car Racer Pro.

Will any of these games meet their expectations? We'll just have to wait and see...

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