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Geoff Crammond / Simergy announce intention to release Stunt Car Racer Pro

By Team SimRacingWorld
4 April 2003

Geoff Crammond - one of the UK's most successful independent game creators, with seven consecutive No 1 titles under his belt - today announces the beginning of a project that will bring a new version of one of his best loved games to market in 2004.

Provisionally titled Stunt Car Racer Pro, the game will be a radical evolution of the renowned late 80's hit Stunt Car Racer, which is still recognized as one of the most innovative and influential driving games of all time.

Described recently in Games TM as, "one of the most original racing games ever developed," Crammond has had the move on his mind for some time.

"A sequel or upgrade to Stunt Car Racer has been suggested by various third parties over the years but I could never agree to anything which didn't have my complete involvement at every level. My commitment to Formula One simulations over the past few years was very intensive and just didn't allow me to work on any other projects. Now, the time seems just about perfect to produce Stunt Car Racer Pro."
Commented John Cook of Bad Management, Crammond's Business Manager,
"A new version of Stunt Car Racer is one of the most anticipated driving ever. The game has exceptionally high brand recognition among opinion formers and we have a new take on multiplayer/Internet play which will make Stunt Car Racer Pro a genuine AAA title next year."
As yet unsigned to any publisher, more details on the project and technology partners will be released shortly.
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