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An update on the progress of Racing Legends, by the West Brothers.

By Team SimRacingWorld
16 February 2003


Lots of little bits and pieces this month and unfortunately some of them not graphic related but I have managed to get some more done on the Lotus 49B. I have the cockpit in and almost done.

Here is a view similar to the one in the last update. As ever please ignore the flipped texture :O)

It currently needs more textures for the dials, switches and indicator lights and also some pedals and proper seatbelts. The battery needs finishing and there is all the 'behind dash' detail to be included. That will then only leave the front suspension geometry and some more work on the engine remaining to be done. As I mentioned in the last update after all that comes the rigging and preparing for inclusion into Racing Legends oh and I mustn't forget a general tidying up, a polish and a few finishing touches. Great fun :O)

And here is a larger version of one of the images from the last update.

After a number of abortive attempts to design a proper logo and the in game presentation I think I may have finally come up with a look and feel that I am happy with. I am going to live with it for a while to see if loses its appeal but if all is well then we can draw a line under that particular task.

The designing of the logo was bought about from the need to start thinking about the GUI (graphic user interface) for Racing Legends and you cannot do that until you are happy with the way it is gong to appear.

Chris is about to do more work on the GUI so it was important to get a style finalised, well nearly finalised, there is more work yet to be done on it.

I think the following few weeks will see me working more on the presentation of Racing Legends than on anything else but I do hope to finish modeling the Lotus.

A couple of shots of the right rear upright, brake and wheel assembly. The left shot shows how it will appear at rest and the right image is at speed. There will be a number of graphics to represent degrees of motion blur and these will fade between each other to get smooth transitions. You may also notice that all parts that spin have these motion blurred textures.

I couldn't resist the temptation of loading up Westlake and having a little play. I enjoy doing the cars but it certainly is nice to have a change. I deliberately didn't do much as I wouldn't be able to stop myself but I had a little play with some textures and tried some new ideas and anyway its been a while since you had something other than cars to look at.


As ever a brief synopsis of what is happening on the coding side of Racing Legends as there jobs are a lot more involved and complicated and unfortunately do not always result in anything that can be seen but yet is absolutely vital.

Gregor is still hard at it. He has been working on the constraint system and improving his solvers apparently :O) He is also experimenting with some new ideas for the tyre model.

Chris, apart from the GUI as I have mentioned has been converting a lot of the code over to work as DLL's. This will allow us much more flexibility and will make updating Racing Legends a lot easier. Whilst he has been doing this he has taken the opportunity to document a lot of the code. As we plan to make the engine available at some time for people to create their own add-ons it needs to be very well documented to make it as easy as possible. We are creating an SDK for Racing Legends and Chris has been busy preparing his code for this end.

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