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An update on the progress of Racing Legends, by the West Brothers.

By Team SimRacingWorld
1 February 2003


I was meant to be showing more on the shaders but unfortunately some more work is required on the shader and render system before I can do this. This has therefore given me the opportunity to back to some modelling. First up is the DFV engine. I have included a couple of shots of the engine on its own...

as well as one of it in position in the old Type 49. Please ignore the flipped texture on this image :O) There is still some work to be done but I think it is getting there.

As those of you who watch the webcam are aware I have been working on the Type 49. Some people have asked why I am redoing this car. The main reason is that the original was the first thing I modelled for Racing Legends over a year ago and at the time I was still using 3ds to model. I have since moved over to Max and decided to take the opportunity to update the model. The second reason is that I thought it needed improving. Max has much more powerful tools and allows models to be built more easily and neater.

Here is a little series of images showing the construction of the new 49 tub.

There has been speculation concerning licensing for the Lotus 49. We currently do not have a license for this car but we have been in contact with Classic Team Lotus concerning the use of their cars in Racing Legends. We met and spoke to Clive Chapman at Goodwood and he seemed open to the idea. Classic Team Lotus encourage licensing of their cars so we are optimistic, if only all car manufacturers had a similar philosophy. We plan to contact them again soon to discuss the idea in the more detail and this is another reason why I have taken the time to redo the 49. Whilst on the subject of CTL may I recommend you to visit their online shop as all the proceeds go to help keep the team running.

I probably have a couple more weeks work to go on this car, textures need finishing, modelling needs refining and there still a number of components requiring construction before it is finished as far as modelling and texturing goes. After that will come the rigging and then adding shaders to it. The rigging is a very involved and fairly unchartered area. It requires every part of the car to be described and linked together, setting up hierarchies, connections, wiring and physical characteristics. Once this is done the car will be ready to be fired up and driven. I can't wait :O)


The last couple of weeks have been spent working on the Render Pass system for the 3D engine. Now if any of you have any idea at all what I am talking about you are a better man than me. I believe it's the system for making sure all the shaders work properly together without any unpredictable effects as well as having other benefits but I have no idea what they are!


I understand work is still progressing nicely on the tyre model. I haven't seen anything on this in the last couple of weeks as I have been too busy with my own work but from what I have been told it's all looking very promising.

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