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Thrustmaster have today announced their intention to release a new force-feedback racing wheel using the Ferrari branding.

By Team SimRacingWorld
9 September 2002

Croydon September, 2002 Thrustmaster is establishing, once again, a new standard in racing simulation peripherals for PC with its F1 Force Feedback Racing Wheel. This exclusive Ferrari-licensed wheel is the exact replica of Ferrari championship-winning F1 wheel.

Thrustmaster is recognised worldwide as the experts in simulation and high technology accessories. The F1 Force Feedback Racing Wheel provides ample proof of this once again garnering Ferrari's confidence and support.

"We wanted to offer the racing enthusiasts on PC, and particularly the F1 fans, only the best - the best technology, the best in realism and performance, the best in F1 drivering experiences from the best team's replica wheel - all this combined with the exclusive support from the prestigious Ferrari brand", says Richard Moureaud, International Product Manager for Thrustmaster. "We didn't accept any compromises when designing this wheel neither, will our customers."
The F1 Force Feedback Racing Wheel is loaded with unique design and mechanical features of the highest quality. Its wheel rim is carbon textured, the gas / brake levers and the two gearshift levers are 100 percent aluminum, and the analog foot pedals, also made with polished aluminum, includes non-skid treads and a very stable basis. The rubber-textured handgrip, combined with a secure central clamping system, allows perfect grip and comfort, particularly in the toughest curves of any circuit. Moreover, metal axis and ball bearings ensure maximum precision in driving and prevent the slightest play of the wheel axis making this as close to the real thing as you can get.

The F1 Force Feedback features 9 fully programmable buttons and one Point-of-View button, all at the driver's fingertips enabling immediate access to any function and parameter of the game. Thrustmapper programming software is also included for advanced customization.

Thrustmaster develops a new cutting-edge force feedback mechanism, powered by Immersion TouchSense Technology. In addition to its powerful capacity to reproduce, with realism, the games' effects and forces, its silence and smoothness will definitely seduce PC gamers.

The F1 Force Feedback Racing Wheel is not only life-like in design but also life-like in performance. From the second you grab hold of the wheel rim and place your foot on the pedals, you're entering the prestigious Ferrari's driver team ...

The F1 Force Feedback Racing Wheel will be available in October 2002 at a suggested retail price of 109.

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