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Sierra have announced the final in the Nascar-Racing series, Nascar Racing 2003.

By Team SimRacingWorld
9 September 2002

Sierra today announced NASCAR Racing 2003 Season, the finale to its best selling franchise. Scheduled for release in February 2003, NASCAR Racing 2003 Season, developed by Massachusetts-based Papyrus Racing Games, will combine the most authentic NASCAR racing experience with new revolutionary 3D graphics that will bring to life the sights, thrills, and sounds of racing at 193 MPH.

Since 1994, Papyrus Racing Games has developed award winning racing titles that have set the standard in delivering the most realistic and authentic driving experience for the PC. With over a decade of experience in developing racing games, the team is ready to expand their expertise and explore new ideas for the racing genre on multiple gaming platforms.

"We're excited by the opportunities this presents," said Rich Reily, General Manager of Papyrus, "The knowledge we have gained in working with the NASCAR racing franchise has been invaluable. With the full support of Sierra behind us and the creative insight of this talented studio, I have no doubt that the superior quality Papyrus fans have come to expect will definitely be translated into more spectacular racing titles."

This February 2003, NASCAR Racing 2003 Season will immerse you in the most captivating NASCAR racing experience available on the PC. As Papyrus completes the final lap in the NASCAR Racing series, a new legacy begins for the team that set the standard in the racing simulation genre.

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