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This review of F1GP came from The Amiga Online Review Column. Although this is a review of the Amiga version everything said is the same for the PC version.

By Amiga Online Review Column

Brief Description

A 3D simulation of Formula One racing, using the tracks and teams from the 1991 racing season.

Copy Protection

Manual keyword protection. Before the program will start, you are required to turn to Page XXX and enter Word YYY from Line ZZZ in Paragraph PPP. Only a total incompetent would fail to pick the correct word from the manual; the directions given are that clear, unlike other games I could mention.

It may be the case that the budget version has no protection, since the box the budget version comes in looks too small to fit the original manual in. This is speculation however, as I have not seen what the budget version provides.


This is a fantastic simulation, and you should all go out and buy a copy.

Right, that's over -- let's get on with something else.

Oh, you want more? Very well.

Imagine mounting a camera on the helmet of a racing driver and filming him driving round sixteen race tracks. Now imagine being able to take over and control the car at any time. F1GP allows you to have a driver's eye view of virtually all aspects of a race, from initial practice through qualification and into the race proper. You have the ability to alter your car setup, changing the tyre compounds, gear ratios, brake balance and wing settings.

The first thing to do is to replace the default drivers and teams with the real drivers/teams, since for some odd reason the default data is entirely fictional. For those of you without an encyclopaedic knowledge of drivers and teams, a full list of the 1991 drivers/teams is provided, and it is simply a matter of typing in the data yourself. Once this is out of the way, you can select which driver you would like to be and then go burn some rubber.

There are five difficulty levels, with the computer controlled cars becoming progressively faster as the level increases. There are also five driver aids that are made unselectable as you increase the difficulty.

Level 1 - Auto Brakes
This aid will trigger the brakes in order to bring the car to the correct speed for corners. Thus, all you have to do is keep the throttle wide open and steer.

Level 2 - Auto Gears
The computer will change into the correct gear for a given part of the circuit. It will not, however, change down in the event of a crash or spin, leaving you to change down before driving on.

Level 3 - Self Correcting Spin
Using this will not prevent a spin, but it will make sure that the car is pointing in the right direction after a spin, so that you do not have to turn the car manually.

Level 4 - Indestructible Mode
Yes, you read that correctly. Your Williams/Ferrari or whatever is now more robust than a main battle tank. You can now drive off, crashing into anything or anyone you like without worrying about bits falling off the car. Although it may be fun for a while, you soon begin thinking about real Formula 1 drivers who have been injured or killed, and crashing into other cars somehow loses its appeal.

Level 5 - Ideal Line
This mode paints a white dotted line on the track to show what the game thinks is the best line to take. Bearing in mind that the program was developed with the help of the Footwork team, the advice is probably pretty accurate.

There is a sixth aid which is also available, Suggested Gear, which displays the gear you should probably be in at any point in the race, assuming you aren't in any sort of trouble.

So, if you are racing at difficulty level 3, you will not be able to select auto brakes or auto gears.

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