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In this article we explain how you can play with hands on the steering wheel, in Grand Prix 4.

By Team SimRacingWorld
11 August 2002

It is now possible to get hands in the GP4 cockpit, "driving" the steering wheel, as you would expect in real-life. Here's how to do it: -

Step 1

Make sure your GP4.exe is decrypted. (Download here).

Step 2

Download the GP4 Camera Editor, and install.

Step 3

Modify the Camera 3 position, to the following settings: -

X=0, Y=-75, Z=25, dir=0, pitch=0, roll=0

Step 4

"Export" these new settings into Grand Prix 4.

Step 5

Load Grand Prix 4 as normal.

Now, once you load the game, cycle through the camera views and you will now be sitting in the cockpit, with hands controlling the steering wheel!

You can see what changes this setting makes by viewing the screenshots below. (Please Note: this new camera view works better in some cars than other).

If you have any problems getting this to work, hop over to our forums and ask for some help.

Screenshots With Camera-Modification

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